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Go For Gold

By Jennifer Stewart
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

In case you've just landed on Earth from another planet, let me tell you about the Olympics being held in "Siddeny," Australia later this year...

The organising committee responsible for publicising the event has surprised everyone with its success surrounding the Olympic Torch Relay. As well as rounding up the usual suspects - politicians, ageing sportsmen and women, SOCOG relatives and the like, the committee has also, in its infinite wisdom, seen fit to open this Relay to local school kids, ladies who do volunteer work in the hospitals, dear old souls who've lived in the same town all their lives and so on. In other words - ordinary, everyday people.

The result?

Unprecedented crowds have turned out to watch a variety of people run, walk, shuffle, wheel and roll past, carrying a lump of aluminium with a flame burning on top.

What powerful stirrings of patriotism have led to this? What magic potion has been responsible? What has caused otherwise sensible adults to forsake the comfort of their homes on rainy, bleak days to stand four and five deep by the side of the road with their children?

Shall I tell you?

Advertising - nothing more and nothing less! Our papers, radios and televisions are filled with faces exhorting us to join in this historical occasion - "the only time in history that the Olympic torch will travel from the Black Stump to Bullamakanka!"

Quite simply, we can't escape it. It's classic advertising methodology - tell 'em and tell 'em often.

So, if you'd like to emulate the success of our Olympic Gurus, get your message out to the people often. A number of small ads, posted in newsletters that are likely to be read by your target market, are worth their weight in gold, gold gold!

The more times people read your message and see your business name, the more likely they'll be to buy from you - after all, they've read about you in all these different places ... you must be good.

* "Siddeny" - when the venue for the 2000 Olympics was announced, the pronunciation was, "...and the winner is ... Siddeny" - it's become a common usage now - especially when trying to be everso slightly satirical.

* SOCOG - the Sydney Organising Committee Olympic Games have come in for their fair (richly deserved?) share of criticism over tickets sales, snouts-in-the-trough rorts, and nepotism ... aren't the Olympics fun?

* You can visit the official Sydney 2000 Olympics site here: (

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