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How to Properly Care for Your Batteries

By Bryan Noonan
Posted Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Get the most out of your batteries, by properly caring for and storing your batteries. Learn the secrets and find out about the myths... Caring for your batteries can be a confusing process. One conventional myth circulating about battery care is that the refrigerator is the best place to store your batteries. This is not true by itself. While it may help extend the life of your battery, doing this alone will not get the most out of your batteries.

Caring for your batteries is actually quite simple. You can get the most from your batteries by following these simple rules:

1. Don’t overheat. Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries. This will overheat them and could cause a fire. Keep batteries out of hot places, like your car. Your car can be an oven, and baking your batteries shortens their life.

2. Store properly. Keep your batteries in a cool, dry place. The refrigerator is cool, but not the driest location. You could store your batteries in the refrigerator and maximize their life by using a silica gel to keep the batteries dry. This however, is an expensive and inconvenient option.

3. Don’t short the connections. Keep your batteries organized. Don’t let the ends touch the wrong thing or you’ll short the battery.

4. Don’t mix and match. Use the same chemistry and brand. Never mix rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.

5. Properly dispose of used batteries. Go to ( to find the recycling location nearest you.

Following these simple steps will end up saving you money and hassle in the long run.

About the Author
Bryan is the Operations and Marketing Manager for He has helped to bring this Internet business from obscurity to one of the top battery businesses online. He also operates his own independant web development and marketing company,


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