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It Is NOT The Size That Matters, It Is How You Use It.

By Gary Baker
Posted Friday, December 17, 2004

Hello to all of you harad working future success out in 'Netland.

Now I know what you are thinking about the titled to this article.

BUT, no it is NOT about that...LOL

What this article IS about though is, your "opt-in" list.

Now if you have been doing even the smallest amount of marketing Online then you know in order for you to ever earn any real profits from your Internet endeavors you WILL need your own "opt-in" list of people who have given you permission to contact them via a f*ree report, ezine, etc.

Okay, here in lies one of the BIGGEST misconceptions in Internet marketing...

"The bigger your list, the more profits you make".

This is wrong. Yep. Just plain wrong.

To prove my point lets do an example shall we?

Say you have taken your time and built yourself an "opt-in" list of only 1500 subscribers.

These 1500 subscribers have signed up to receive your email about your product, or service whether it be by a newsletter or e-course.

You have taken your time and provided these 1500 readers with valuable, insightful, content and have gained their trust.

Over time these 1500 people have read with interest every email you sent and now know you and what you stand for.

You then write up a "review" of a product that you yourself have used, purchased and put to the test.

You send the email to your small list of 1500 and BAM you actually get a few orders due to your "review".

Do you know why these 1500 people just made you a profit?

Well, we know it was NOT due to the fact that you had over 50,000 people on your list at the time.

The reason is this...TRUST!

Yep. Simple, plain, TRUST!

This is the most powerful marketing technique you will ever learn and use when marketing Online.

Just because you have a "opt-in" list of 50,000 people does NOT mean they actually care about you.

I will take a small, responsive, trusting list of 1500 subscribers any day of week :o)

So remember, it is NOT the size that matters, it is how you use it :o)

Wishing You The Best Of Success, Gary Baker

About the Author
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