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Joint Venturing Your Road To Success

By Cathy Qazalbash
Posted Sunday, December 19, 2004

What is a Joint Venture?

It is a partnership between 2 businesses, which benefits both parties. For instance a company has software products but lacks ways to market it. You have the marketing resources, but no product. You offer your services as a Marketer to the company for a commission or specified rate. The agreement is beneficial to both your companies.

The art of planning a successful Joint Venture is more complex than most people imagine. As a publisher I get a number of Joint Venture proposals per month. Most are just straight requests to join an affiliate program. Given the number of offers that come across most publishers desk if you are going to have any success you must:

v Make your offer unique.

v Have a great product and service

v Write an impressive and persuasive letter.

Making a unique offer means standing out from the crowd. Do not just make it a request to join your affiliate program. “Sweeten the pot,” offer your JV partner some bonuses, make them an offer they cannot refuse. Be prepared to give more than you receive (it will pay off in the long run). Be sure that your offer greatly benefits your proposed partner.

Before even making your offer be sure your product/service is the best that it can be. Make it unique and be sure it will be in high demand. Do your market research it will pay off.

You have a unique product/service with a great offer, now comes the most critical part of joint venturing. The all-important email that you send to your future partner. If you do this right everything will fall into place with a joint venture that will make profits for you for months to come. Make a mistake and all your careful preparation work will be wasted and you will loose credibility. Recently I came across a product that will make sure your email is perfect every time.

“Instant JV Sales Letters” enables you to create profit pulling joint venture letters instantly by simply filling in a few blanks. These templates will save you hours of time and frustration. You will be able to write a professional email every time and really make money with your joint ventures. (

About the Author
Cathy Qazalbash
Publisher of the A-Y-B free marketing newsletter


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