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Learn from my mistakes – Getting to know your business

By Jennifer Whaling
Posted Wednesday, December 29, 2004

One thing I have noticed in my short time of being a home business owner, is how many opportunities there are out there. To safeguard against getting involved in a scam and to ensure your success it is very important to get to know what and whom you are getting involved with. Most people will jump in with both feet and work really hard and then get
disappointed when the money doesn't come pouring in.

I learned that I was able to do business much better when I got to know the company I joined and more about the products they produced too. It helped to know who the president was and where he came from and why he started this business.

Definitely you should read the company's financial statements which have pictures and a president's message etc. Read the press releases and see what charitable organizations they support. Where are their corporate offices? How many people are employed there?

Then get to know the president. If possible send an email to the president. If it is a reputable company, he/she will likely email you back a welcome letter with some encouraging words. Find out what made him start this company?

Then get to know who you are working with – they are your best teacher after all they introduced you to this opportunity. Ask them why they joined. What did they do to become successful? What mistakes did they make when they started out? What can they recommend you do?

These things will help you get to know who the company is that you enrolled with. Then you should get to know the products or services they offer. Pick one to three products or services to memorize each day. What is the name? What is beneficial about this product? What is the price? How reliable is it?

It is my personal opinion that you really need to know your company and its products or services in order to be really successful. Your growth will naturally come after you are knowledgeable and comfortable with the company and it products or services.

Jennifer Whaling
A stay at home and work at home mom with a Christian home business. FREE website, FREE training and 100% Risk FREE. Visit ( for details

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