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Looking for Trouble (part two)

By Mario Taillon
Posted Thursday, December 9, 2004

Sometimes there are surprising areas worth taking risks. See for yourself!

Now more than ever it is important not to forget that realizing your dreams is what will bring the most durable and important changes in your life and in your environment.

In this article:

special places to
Look For Trouble.
(i.e.: where to take some risks)

I can't resist to point out one area where you're likely to get extraordinary results.


We all have experiences that didn't succeed and we've decided that trying again wasn't necessary because others do differently anyway. Or maybe some disappointment we don't want to feel again.

There's a way to avoid such feelings. It's by the way of building fences. See we build fences around those experiences with a big sign written: "DANGER! So and So disappointment ahead! Keep out!"


Every time we come by, what we decide to develop is how to avoid that disappointment instead of how to solve that problem we wanted to solve the first time off.

To the point that what we've been trying to do that first time can become completely forgotten behind that huge sign we've kept on building afterwards in some cases for years!


Let me tell you that if you choose to look for trouble in one of those areas, then you're in for a major surprise...

You're likely to discover that you can achieve what you've been deliberately avoiding for years in a snap! Because during the time you've been developing that safeguard, you've also learned to solve that problem completely!

How so? You've likely been dealing with similar problems in other areas of your life and you've been finding solutions. But you never related those solutions directly with the problem behind the huge sign precisely because the problem was hidden behind that huge sign. Maybe for years.

So, if by chance you bump in an old forgotten failure or in something familiar that you know will bring you negative feelings during the course of the creation of your business, be bold, go see, and bulldoze that sign.


You'll get a breach in the fence and a whole vast new territory for your new me to explore!

It's like buying land without paying anything. Like when you where a kid and didn't know about money!

And it's not even taxable!

You'll become a new person in two ways:

1. you'll have a new way to solve a problem, that you believed up to now was inadequate, you where not smart enough to use properly or else you where disappointed with.

2. You'll have a huge new territory to explore which are all the experiences you didn't want to live afterwards by fear of that disappointment.

It can have a major impact on your quality of life!

A way to track them down

I've said before that bumping into this can happen by chance. In fact we build our minds in a way that it's not easy to get in those areas where we store our frustrations, our failures or our other uneasy feelings in general.

But while solving problems it did happen to me. And not only once.

And I realized that when we are in the process of solving problems, we are in fact in the general neighborhood of those filters.

Now, I use every problem I get as a precious occasion to learn. I get interested in the process of solving the problem rather than in the solution. I always try to find a new solution. And many if possible. This way I get the possibility that one of those filtered areas show up and I can get in the process of removing that filter as well. I also get many more possible solutions for that given problem. This gives me the advantage of greater flexibility.

So I can't wait till my next problem happens! I'll be learning something totally new and surprising!

Could anybody imagine life could be like that?

About the Author
Mario Taillon likes to boost your mind and to help you develop your way of doing business on the web. He is the author of "Build Your Future" an ebook about how you can do business on the web, and of "Create Your Own Trend" a bi-weekly newsletter.


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