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Me? Owning My Own Business?

By Darryl Daugherty
Posted Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Freedom is something we here in the United States cherish. We, as a nation, have never been defeated, within our borders, by any other nation. Our ancestors fought for freedom. We have demonstrated, as a nation, the fulfillment of the American Dream: the idea that prosperity, wealth and financial independence are available to anyone willing to put forth the effort through honesty, hard work and strong determination.

Therefore, the concept and expectation of freedom seems to be engrained within us as Americans. This being the case, we naturally tend to rebel against any form of tyranny or oppression. 9/11 demonstrated this, as at least some form of patriotism became strongly evident. We value the freedom to make our own decisions and live our own lives, without fear of reprisal or repercussion.

We value the freedom to create our own schedule, own personal property, and voice our own opinions, in a world filled with dictators and mad tyrants. We value our leisure time, as sales of sports equipment, video games, and many other items relating to recreation will testify.

Freedom is one thing that makes the idea of a home-based business attractive. You can make your own hours, set your own pace, and not worry about someone else telling you what to do. Being your own boss is an idea that sounds really good to many people, at least in theory.

If you find the idea of a home business tempting or attractive, but you’re not sure how to go about it, check out my website at: ( I have access to some home business opportunities which may help you get started.

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About the Author
Darryl Daugherty is Editor/Publisher of The No Boss News Weekly Newsletter.


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