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Networking Event Strategy

By Nick Nichols
Posted Monday, October 4, 2004

A Networking Event Strategy You Have Probably Never Heard Of

We've all heard of networking events - like leads groups, industry groups, chamber of commerce functions, etc. And we know we should attend more of them. At least that's what all the business gurus tell us, isn't it?

If you're like most people, you probably have mixed feelings about attending networking events. On the one hand, they should be a great place to make connections. On the other hand, they never seem to generate much business. So you stop going, or you migrate from group to group hoping your luck will change. But it seldom does.

The fact is, many people attend networking events with the wrong attitude. They go expecting that they can somehow turn strangers into customers, clients or patients with the simple wave of a business card and a quick pitch.

That rarely happens unless someone you meet has an acute need and want for exactly what you offer, along with the ability and desire to buy it now. More often, you must first turn strangers into friends before you can convert them into buyers.

People will usually only do business with those they know, like and trust. And it usually takes time to get to know someone well enough to decide whether or not you like them and trust them. What is the best way to make that happen? The answer may surprise you.

Instead of going to networking events with the idea of getting business, go with the idea of giving business. Let me explain.

The average networking event consists of people milling around telling other people what they do and handing out business cards. This is exactly why most networking events fail to produce any business. People focus on themselves instead of focusing on the other attendees.

In my experience, most people do a very poor job of describing what they do in a way that communicates the main benefit of what they provide in ten seconds or less.

Instead, they usually describe their job function - e.g., "I'm an accountant," or "I'm in real estate," - or they ramble on with what I call "name, rank and serial number" details, like: "I work for XYZ Company. We've been in business for 10 years. We sell widgets."

What works much better is to create a 5 to 10-second statement that describes the main benefit of what you do, e.g.: "I'm Nick Nichols with GetSalesNow Group and I show business owners, sales managers and professionals how to get more customers, clients or patients."

And here's what you say next:

"Tell me, Sam, what do you do?" Then, after he tells you, you ask, "How can I know when someone I meet needs what you offer?"

The key is to get the person talking about his or her business, and what kind of person makes a good prospect for him or her.

It's amazing, but when you encourage people to talk about themselves (usually their favorite subject), they will remember you as being a great conversationalist! Whether you actually refer any business to them or not, they will remember you as someone who cares about them.

This simple trick will help you to turn strangers into friends faster than any other networking method on the planet. When people see you as their friend, they are more likely to refer business to you.

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