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Positive Thinking Is Dead - Long Live Positive Thinking!

By Nathan B.
Posted Sunday, October 3, 2004

The most common phrase used when it comes to self–improvement, is positive thinking. They tell you to keep thinking positive thoughts and somehow, someway what you envision will come true for you.

Well if it work’s so well, then we should be able to create a perfect world almost overnight, shouldn’t we? Or is there something missing?

Sure, you can have a positive outlook on life but is there anything that explains how to exactly make your thoughts manifest right here, in the real world?

It is obviously possible because others have done it. But how is it done?

According to our studies, one out of every 4 individuals admit they get caught up and stuck in daily patterns. Maybe they wake up with a “Hello sunshine!” and then later in the day they start thinking about Friday when they are done working for the week, and then in the evening their head is filled with money problems until they finally just go to bed frustrated hoping tomorrow something better will come along.

The way to really use positive thinking is not to just think positive thoughts, (although that’s a start) but to begin to use one of–if not THE most powerful force of the human mind – believing.

Beliefs by far are the most powerful. If you truly desire to make a change, just alter a belief and you can make anything you desire come true.

How is this done? It’s really simple. Your subconscious mind will literally make your reality become what you desire for it to become by simply believing that your thoughts will happen for you.

Altering a belief comes easy when you know how to alter them. Think about a past positive emotion where you really felt alive, think of the future outcome you want to happen for you while feeling that positive emotion, then confirm that you may now have that happen and let it go.

Here’s where most people do it wrong. They don’t let it go and they get stuck only dreaming about it. By sending your mind signals that you really want something, then wanting is all you’ll ever do.

Let’s say you want money and all you ever think about is money. You want this and you want that and you want, want, want… Guess what? You can have what you envision but if you get stuck dwelling on it, you’re going to be sending your subconscious mind the wrong signal and all you’ll ever keep doing is wanting everything and never really actually getting it.

Instead you might try to really believe that you already got it and enjoy having it. “Fake it until you make it”

You can amass a fortune and make all your dreams come true when you alter your beliefs about things, and fake that you’re already getting what you asked for.

Sooner or later, eventually, somehow, your subconscious mind will begin to make it true.

The biggest desire most people have is to have more money. Start pretending that you already have acquired a great fortune and sooner or later, you’ll start believing it. Making mental pictures of you already having something will cause your subconscious mind to make it true and bring it into your reality – just make sure you believe it is happening for you.

When you get in your car, pretend that it is your dream car and envision your friends and family wondering how you ever afforded it. See yourself having fistfuls of one hundred dollar bills and being able to buy anything you want.

One of the most powerful skills you can learn to develop is the imagination. Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what you are imagining.

Positive thinking does work, when you understand that you believe in yourself and that those circumstances will come true for you.

The moment you begin change the way you think about things, both you and those circumstances will begin to change.

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