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Profit From Home After 40 - Do You Qualify?

By Michael Roberts
Posted Monday, December 20, 2004

READ this article to see if you have what it takes to launch your very own Profitable Home-Based Business! If you can commit, I can help YOU!

TIME! The most important variable! TIME is the most precious gift we have available. We commit TIME with our families, spiritual growth, recreation, and oh yes, our JOB too. Please be advised that your job is not yours, it belongs to your employer. Your job can be merged or purged at any time, without your consent. You cannot pass it on to your children. Please, NEVER forget that!

You must prepare NOW for that certain contingency. Even if you are never downsized, the TIME will come when you can no longer perform your duties in an efficient manner (or someone younger will do it for half your salary). You will either work until you DROP DEAD or the government legalizes euthanasia. If you are like most Americans, your retirement planning leaves much to be desired. That is why more than 20 million Americans have started their own home-based, and the SBA projects that number to double in the next few years!

There was once a saying; “The only things in life that are FREE are water and advice.” Now they sell bottled water in the grocery store and advice costs $125.00+ an hour. Times have changed. You must adjust your life strategies or be consumed with the multitudes into desolate oblivion.

The World as we know it is coming to an end! I know this sounds like a doom and gloom scenario, but it is a golden opportunity for those with the foresight to position themselves in the New Millennia!

TIME must be set aside to research the multitude of opportunities available. Unscrupulous people prey everyday on the dreams of people just like you and me. You must be aware, and astute! TIME must be invested to locate the companies that exhibit integrity and ethics! RESEARCH is your most powerful tool to prevent becoming a victim.

I have diligently searched for 3 years to identify such companies. I have found a few that exhibit the honesty and vision required to deliver long-term residual income. Residual income is the answer to improving your financial circumstances!

J. Paul Getty once said, “I’d rather have 1% of a hundred peoples efforts that 100% of my own.” This, my friend, is the key to the accumulation of wealth. When you help others succeed, you can make money from their efforts. THE MOST POWERFUL WEALTH ACCUMULATION STRATEGY IN THE UNIVERSE!

TIME REQUIREMENT: 10 hours a week. If you cannot carve out 10 hours a week to invest in your family’s future, it is doubtful that you can succeed in a home-based business. TIME invested NOW will provide the chance to secure the financial success you desire that can be passed on to successive generations.

I am willing to share the opportunities that are working for me. After due diligence, I believe these companies offer the tools and stability required to achieve my goals. I feel an obligation to share this TIME consuming knowledge to those that are willing to step out. People who are ready to make a change in their lives. Those that want more than trading hours for dollars.

If you think you qualify to become a member of my team, I invite you to visit the Internet component of my business plan. I am seeking hard working, dedicated, goal oriented individuals to mentor. If you meet this criteria, please review my website listed below. Sign up for my free newsletter that provides strategies to plug in to the power of e-commerce.

My goal is to help you find a Plan B that can work for YOU! You may call me or email me as follows.

Thank you for your TIME!

Michael Roberts

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About the Author
Michael Roberts is a father of four and a successful businessman. He holds a BS and MEd in Education as well as post-graduate work in Educational Psychology. His experience includes teaching, business management and sales/marketing expertise. He is founder of MichRo Enterprises, an international distribution company. He is recognized by the International Society of Poets and lives in a suburb of Atlanta, GA. Review the e-commerce division of his company at (


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