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The 5 Promises that will help you succeed in your Home Business

By Conray Knox
Posted Saturday, December 18, 2004

This may come as a surprise... but there are 5 promises that will help you become a more successful home business entrepreneur.

Not long ago I sat down with a pen and paper and asked my self what is it that I needed to do to succeed in my home business.

First, I wrote down all the things that I have read about in magazines, ebooks, etc...

Then I realized that the majority of things that I wrote down were mainly "how to" focused. You know what I'm talking about, "how to get a business license, how to get organized, how to market, how to this and how to that..."

After reading over what I wrote I came to the conclusion that I know "how to" succeed, but I did not convince myself that I could. I could not stay focused. So I figured if I could come up with someway to promise myself I would remain focused I could succeed.

So I came up with 5 promises. These promises have worked for me and I am sure they will work for you to.

Promise #1 -- You will maintain balance your life!

If your life is not balanced or stable, then being successful at a home business will be impossible. You have to be consistent at what you do and everything you pursue.

Promise #2 -- You will stop wasting money!

Early on you will find yourself buying up everything that claims to be the next big thing in home business. Stop! Have you made any profit off the first course or classes you have took? Remember, profitability is the key.

Take the first course or class you took and apply the things you learned. Then re-study the course or class. Maybe you missed some things or did understand some of the tips or techniques.

The point is don't spend money on the next big thing until you have put the first course or class into action.

The goal: Make back the money you spent on the course. Sure you can claim it on your taxes but most of the courses guarantee you that when you put what you've learned in action you can make three times the money you spent on the course.

Now that's more like it. Remember, profitability is the key.

Promise #3 -- You will maintain good health!

You will not be able to succeed without good health. Imagine waking up every morning with slight cold or stuffy head.

How will you be able to stay focused on your business when every five minutes you are reaching for a Kleenex. People tend to forget about their health. If you are not feeling well then your business will suffer to.

Make sure you eat well. Cut out fast food and fried foods. Do not skimp out on sleep. Yes, you will be putting in some late hours but you also need to be alert when making important business decisions.

Promise #4 -- "You will surround yourself around successful people"

This promise is self explainable. If your business is going to be successful you will need surround yourself with other people who have successful home businesses.

I like to call it a mastermind group. A group of successful home business entrepreneurs brainstorming new ideas...

Or talking about how a particular marketing campaign went. This is great. For example, maybe you were thinking about launching a campaign and presented it to your group. They could give you feedback and ideas to help your launch be more successful and cost effective.

Promise #5 -- "You Build your business Relentlessly!"

That's right be relentless in building your business. Why? No one else is going to it for you...

And you will set yourself free. Yes free! Nothing can hold you back once you set yourself free. Free to get up leave when you are ready, free to travel, free to do everything your little heart desires!

These promise are made not to be broken. Many people set goals or make promises but never quite live up to them. They convince themselves that it's ok. Next time I will do better.

Well guess what you just broke promise #1, "You will maintain balance in your life". It all starts with the first promise. Without that one, the rest will not work.

I started out without promise #1 because I felt that had some stability in my life. Well I didn't and I felled flat on my face. I spent over a $1500 on courses that I still have not profited from.

Do you see where I am going?

I challenge you to print this out or write down these promises and post them somewhere so you will see them everyday. If you don't like these write out your own... and guard your promises like you would a childhood secret!

Most of the basic truths of life sound absurd at first hearing.
-- Elizabeth Goudge

These are the 5 promises that will make any Home Business successful. Follow these promises and guard them like a childhood secret.

About the Author
Conray Knox is the publisher of The Entrepreneurs Wire. You can subscribe to his e-zine by send email to or by visiting his website at (


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