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The Foundation

By Doug Philp
Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Build your business on a solid foundation. You'll see sustained success! About twenty years ago I needed work. In the early 80's my home town saw a tremendous real estate boom. Fortunately I was able to land a job working for a large builder.

I can remember how I thought I was a carpenter about 6-8 months into that job. Truth was I had no clue. I merely did what I was told. But I can also remember the day roughly 18 months into the job when - 'Click' - everything came together in my mind.

The experience of several homes under my toolbelt, the ability to learn and apply that knowledge all came together - I understood from bottom to top exactly how to build a house.

I've since come to understand too that my story isn't unique. It is the same for anyone doing anything. Until you actually have some experience you aren't a doctor, a fireman, a lawyer or for that matter, an online business owner.

Just the same as a builder relies on a concrete foundation to build a home, you need experience not just knowledge in order to build a successful business.

Using the experience I gained working as a carpenter I started my own construction business. I've been able to see increased income every year. Today not only do I still operate that business, I consult home-owners doing their own remodeling.

In fact, I became so tired of listening to my neighbor complain about how he hated his job so much that I convinced him to start his own business. He began doing handyman type work. Plus some sub-contracting through me. He just finished a basement remodel last month.

In August I'll actually be sub-contracting a job through him - more of a partnership - to help him gain experience. Next spring he'll be building a home for his aunt on his own. Chris has come a long way in one short year.

Why do I ramble on so? Basically to tell you that without experience you don't have the foundation underneath you to build a business. In order to gain that foundational experience you must find someone to follow.

Be sure this individual understands where you are right now. Someone who knows the frustration you feel today because they too have passed through the same experience. Pick their brain, subscribe to their newsletter and learn what they have learned.

Don't remain frustrated since nothing tangible seems to be happening in your online endeavors. There is a huge learning curve involved for everyone who is serious at building a business online.

I should know, remember that - 'Click' - I entioned earlier, it happened again.

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