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The Work at Home Revolution

By Craig Lilienthal
Posted Saturday, December 25, 2004

This is an extremely exciting time in history. With the advent of the Internet and computer technology that is affordable to many, it appears that the world is in the early stages of another revolution. The "Work at Home Revolution."

This revolution represents an opportunity for common people to rise up and reverse trends established during the Industrial Revolution. Similar to the time before the Industrial Revolution, when many people worked at home for the textile industry, we now have a choice regarding whether or not we want to setup shop for ourselves or continue to be slaves to the 9 to 5 mentality that ultimately serves to overflow the bank accounts of the few.

Never before in history has the business "playing field" been as level as it is today; however, success stories of the work at home Internet entrepreneur are not yet the norm. With the abundance of opportunities available, why is it that so few who venture achieve success?

I believe there are several reasons success stories aren't abundant on the Internet at this juncture. The remainder of this discussion will focus on a vital characteristic that you must possess to achieve success on the Internet (or anywhere else).

Specifically, the vast majority of today's work at home, Internet entrepreneurs are characterized by an overwhelming amount of ambition but very few display an adequate level of initiative. For whatever reason, they appear to lack the ability to follow through with their strong desire to achieve success. Persistence and determination seem to be in short supply on the Net.

Many jump from program to program, never experiencing success. They have extreme difficulty remaining focused and realizing their ultimate potential. They are caught in the illusion that there is some magic program out there that's going to make them rich overnight with zero effort on their part.

Others work diligently for a short period of time. They make some mistakes, get frustrated and never fully master the provided marketing tools and techniques before they move on to another program or they conclude, "The Internet just doesn't work!" and quit all together.

How can they say "it doesn't work" when they didn't duplicate the original plan? Everyone makes mistakes. Those of us who have initiative will learn from our mistakes and move up to the next level without breaking a sweat.

We know that success is achieved over time and we are persistent enough to continue regardless of the barriers we must overcome.

Those of us who are determined and follow through using the tools and the plans provided to us by credible sources and those of us who develop unique tools and compile useful, proven strategies and information are destined to be the pioneers of the forthcoming revolution.

Do you have the initiative to achieve your dreams during the "Work at Home Revolution"?

About the Author
Craig Lilienthal, M.S. is the author of "Advanced Marketing Training: An Easy to Follow System for Building Multiple Streams of Residual Income." Click below to download your FREE copy. (


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