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Think or PERISH

By Ina Bliss
Posted Thursday, December 23, 2004

Storytelling, mothers, more of the good stuff, I wish it would never have to end. Mysterious tales sweeping through our attention, leaving traces of wonder. Grasping it would defeat the purpose. Their touch changing us, yet ever so slightly, we return to dullness.

Grove-thinking, worrisome tasks, busy, routine-filled hours, no escape from rumors of doom. All good seems to vanish, where are the golden days? What must have happened to innocence? Are there rewards for plain people like us?

Where can one turn with questions on hope and betterment? Is there an answer to the why’s of the children? Do we pretend, or must it be done just ‘because’? If the signs pointed somewhere, the guide could appear, need we just look? None of the worn-out clues have any meaning. Many have tried the fixing before us.

Nowhere so far has it stopped going. Much singing and acting captures all wild things, their edges no longer rough. Evenings not calming, still more in the morning. Take it for reasons of sweeter to come. Future? What may it be holding?

Dusk fills horizons of bitter forgetting. Wind elevates trash from the seams of the town. Dogs passing aimlessly, missing true voices they have known. A siren stops darkness, while food trucks deliver. Doors shut for arousal with ‘tube’ entertainment. Smells escape from hi-tech utensils, steamy, another glow and concern. What must that prize be that we were promised?

Moments of orange follow at morn, that clear whitish blue vaguely tainted from blood. After that precious breeze cleansed with dew of fresh petals, most find renewed method for living. ‘Till thought turns again heavy…

Part II. Being IN the World

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. [Isaiah 40:31]. Is it an advantage for educated baby boomers and such to know these passages? Might there really be any substitutes for comfort and encouragement? The multitude is looking in countless places, detours, misguided fellow men, away from the real thing, the ONE.

In the beginning…, we were told and stopped believing due to threats of punishment by unfortunate interpreters. In spite of it, many have realized it is in fact true. Evidence and clues point to a Maker. Inspired words throughout the ‘book with seven seals’, passed on via the means of a complex system (TheoMatics), we find that timeless intelligence did not stop there. The good book provides pointers for business conduct and principles to date overlooked. Systematic clues supported by its wisdom answer why and how to expect His increase, when to count on His power, risk-free delivery of success and expansion, multiplication of assets for the benefit of all.

Establishing an individual relationship to Him pays. Doubting Him, leaving Him out of our dealings backfires. All examples stated of forefathers turned out according to their relationship to Him. Why delay permanent gain? Return to the camp of believers and reap what He is holding up to your advantage. He is waiting with yet immeasurable rewards. This LAW still stands: Jesus is the ONLY gate to love and happiness. Elsewhere, one earns idle discontent.

More at (, the world’s ONLY church for Believer’s Entrepreneurialism™ training you for success. Ina Bliss, Head Counsel for Wealth & Spiritual Law

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