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What Dreams Are Really Made For

By Mario Taillon
Posted Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dear Friend,

Now more than ever it is important not to forget that realizing your dreams is what will bring the most durable and important changes in your life and in your environment.

You wouldn't guess what our duty has always been.

That's because our culture and upbrigning has hidden to us what is the source of our highest energy.

Namely, our dreams.

Our dreams are the single source of our most powerful energies. What can we accomplish more than successfully following our dreams?

To dream even more. There's no other single option.

Dreams are the most powerful source of energy we'll ever have!

If we agree on the idea that our duty is to use our lives in the best way, making the most astonishing accomplishments.

It seems also pretty logical to think it is our duty to use the most powerful energy we'll ever have.

Often, the persons that realize their dreams have a certain influence radiating around them. A kind of serenity that's soul soothing for those around them.

They found what their duty was ealizing their lifetime dreams... And that's simple. It's often much simpler than the duties imposed by social pressure.

What duty used to be.

We got from our upbrigning that duty must induce suffering to be deemed duty indeed. That it must involve hard work and generally has to be very difficult.

Otherwise, according to our upbrigning, it could be something else than duty. Often an illusion, it says.

But even duty itself can change.

First this description of duty is probably false because impossible. Impossible because unsustainable. How can somebody persist doing something long enough to accomplish something important, if that something it tries to do, fuels back no energy at all and brigns only suffering, pain and not to mention slow destruction ?

What duty should be.

From now on, we should stop looking at duty as what inspires us negative feeligns such as guilt, suffering, desinterest, boredom and such like we often do.

From now on we should look as duty as what inspires us positive feeligns such as joy, ambition, desire, inspiration, curiosity, intelligence and so on.

We are likely to accomplish much more using this mindset because of that characteristic of sustainability of what inspires us positive feeligns. Duty should already sound much more realistic that way, doesn't it ?

Doesn't this look familiar to you ?

Now, let's take a look at those who set aside their dreams to accomplish their duty instead.

I mean the silent majority.

Let's, for example, look at all those cubicle dwellers. Like in Dilbert's ( cartoon strip. This cartoon's most important feature is to express what those
in working in workplaces can't say. It's the main reasons behind the success of Dilbert.

Why do you think are all those average cubicle dwellers ( go through their daily grind?

What are they trying to accomplish through all their frustrations?

Not much they'll be able tu use themselves because their boss will rake most of the credit. At least according to the script: (

What then are all those cubicle dwellers running after?

Why is Dilbert and the others, wasting their lives in that stupid meaningless environment ????


Yes. Dilbert and his colleagues accomplish all what they can in hope it will maintain their security.

And in some places you'll even have people accomplish their duty straight out of fear.

A Paradox

Yet, there's an annoying paradox here.

Back here do you think the computers the real world Dilberts work on, the car they drive, the television and radio sets they listen to, are results of mainly fear and search for

Certainly not! They're mainly the result of curiosity, creativity, intelligence, change, interest, ambition and so on.

The paradox is that a majority is looking for its security in a world created with the creativity of others...

It is something very promiscuous to live in fear surrounded with the success of others.

So this majority is performing their duty before reaching success later.

Which is a sad thing. Everyone has large resources of creativity, enough to be entitled to live out of them.

But to live out of his creativity, one has to learn how to take his own risks. This is pretty much choosing the right goals. And to take risks only on matters relevant to the current goal at hand.

Those two skills come with practice. That's why it's important to practice every day. And to start today.

Getting back to the beginning in this article, what candidate for living out of creativity would you think would be better than realizing your lifetime dreams ?


So, realizing lifetime dreams looks like a very legitimate candidate for the definition of duty.

And the world would certainly be a far better place if more people did so.

Mario Taillon

more: ( ( ( (

About the Author
Mario Taillon started his online business in summer 2001. The idea really started flying when writing a series of articles about what happens when people begin to listen to their entrepreneurial mind. He got so interested, he now beleives it is something fundamental and profoundly nested in our instincts that does release tremendous energies. Yes, maybe entrepreneurial mind can move mountains... But at least it has him still writing about it."


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