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What Is YOUR Excuse For Failing?

By Ewen Chia
Posted Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Would you intentionally set out to fail?

It's hard to believe anyone would, but sometimes we do sabotage ourselves by not wanting to succeed in the first place.

Yes you heard me right, some of us actually think hard of reasons to justify why success isn't an option we can accept.

And when enough of these reasons surface, we actually program our minds to intentionally fail, justifying these reasons.

I would call these reasons illogical excuses.

The question is simply: “Do you want to succeed?”

When we think positively, we tend to kill inertia and move forward with great motivation, aiming for positive results.

Though there're bound to be setbacks, the experiences learned WILL result in future successes. Don't end up regretting 'if only...' in your older years, a better phrase would be 'at least I tried'.

Starting an online business is unfortunately not as easy as some gurus would have you believe. They're interested in selling you their packaged solutions of course.

Look, online success is definitely achievable, but you've to be generous in your positive thinking, effort and maintain a correct success-driven mindset.

I didn't make money online overnight. It took me almost 3 years of studies, mistakes and good old-fashion action to achieve some level of success.

Look where it got me: (

It's not a big deal considering how much more others are making. While the above is a screenshot of a good day, $100-$200 on average per day is normal: (

Now this is important: do I show you these to boast? Hell no, like I said it took three years of sleepless nights, and I'm STILL learning.

But it goes to show that money CAN be online, and you can do it much faster and better than I long as you get those excuses out of the way!

What do you need to start then?

1. Motivation, Belief And Commitment

The first thing is frankly a change of mindset. It's hard to do anything well without motivation, belief and commitment.

It's a catch-22 situation when things don't go your way, but a refusal to fail can be a very strong motivator. This will cause you to take ACTION, which is perhaps the most critical factor to success.

Thousands of ordinary people are testament to this fact, a more recent case being William Hung. This guy who acted the fool on American Idol 2 believed in his dreams enough to act...and in doing so he achieved his objective of being famous.

Yes success can become inevitable when you are committed to taking action and achieving results.

2. A Proven System and Mentor

The next crucial element to internet success, and one which many marketers miss, is that of having a proven guide or system to follow.

Having a correct system to guide you is so important that it can reduce at least 60% of mistakes, wasted time and unnecessary heartaches you would otherwise have. Think of it as a shortcut if you would.

But do follow the right system for goodness sake.

Find a mentor who has proven himself beyond a reasonable doubt. Focus at least 50% of your education on this 'anchor' mentor while you still learn from others.

A good example of such a mentor with the proven system in place would be someone like Marlon Sanders who I really respect too: (

3. Investing In Yourself

Contrary to popular belief, you need to learn and continue to learn everyday. The good news is you can easily get all the education you need if you look hard enough.

It's never easy starting out so avoid buying everything that seems to promise the moon. You'd be burned out before reaching your goals.

Start your education from resources that are f.reely available, for instance the above example of anchor mentors. Or try the search engines, forums, articles, ebooks and reports...the list is almost endless.

Hope you found this article even remotely useful, and before I forget, what I meant to ask you today was…

What is your excuse for failing?


Copyright 2004 Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia is the editor of "Web Marketing Exposed": A powerful e-zine revealing shockingly simple secrets YOU can use to get massive traffic, subscribers and sales Quickly And Easily! Subscribe now and also receive his new e-book "Autopilot Traffic Streams" worth $37 absolutely f.ree: (

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Ewen is the editor of "Web Marketing Exposed" which reveals specific techniques you can use to get more traffic, subscribers and sales to your websites quickly and easily!


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