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Gearing Up for Wireless Revolution

By Richard Hsu
Posted Monday, December 6, 2004

Wireless Internet is booming and we are heading toward an information-everywhere society. Already, it is hot in Europe. U.S. is now catching up at very rapid rate. Worldwide cell phones sales already outpace personal computer purchase. Boston-based Yankee groups says there could be 50 million wireless Internet users by 2004. It projects that by 2002, there will be 860 million wireless subscribers worldwide. International Data Corp, of Framingham, MA, reports that by that same year, 70 percent of wireless s phone users will access data application via their phones.

More encouragingly, many companies in U.S., according to a recent survey, will pay for wireless Internet service for their mobile professionals which will results in increased use for wireless Web from 3% to 78% in the next 12 moths.

By end of 2000, all new cellular phones will be equipped with wireless Web features known as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). The revolution brought by wireless Internet will change how people shop. For instance, one may order a book right on spot after talking to a friend while waiting for a doctor appoint.

With tens of millions of people expected to own Internet phone in a few years, many online companies see an opportunity to push wireless commerce as an extension of their Internet businesses, thus providing mobile phone users the ability to make their purchase anywhere and any time. Several major Internet portal such as Yahoo! Excite , MSN have announced and launched its mobile Internet service since last year. Even Oracle launched a mobile Internet service after its five-year preparation. These services will be appearing personalized for mobile use in banking, shopping, news, travel information and other specific tasks (buying and selling of stocks).

Those who miss wired Internet boom, should stay focused and take advantage of emerging wireless Internet. It is a business opportunity that any wise businessman should not miss.

Here are a few recommended sites to learn more about WAP technology and setting up a site quickly and easily.

( -presenting users and developers with information related to WAP technology.

( - offering a visual software tool for WAP site construction .

( - providing frequently asked questions and answers regarding to WAP.

About the Author
Richard Hsu is the president and founder of eMobiNet !. eMobiNet! ( offers one-stop mobile link service for wireless Internet users, WAP developers and business.


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