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Domain Names Success

By Edwin John
Posted Sunday, August 15, 2004

Have you ever wondered how successful domain speculators sell their domain names?

I recently interviewed several top domain investors names to learn their secrets. Due to the length of the discussion I have had to break up the entire conversation to
several segments.

Here's a protion of the trasncript from this exclusive 6 part interview series. We begin with the following question.

"What is the most important advice you would give to new domain owners hoping to resell their domain names?"

Our panel includes:
Michael Collins (,
Zane Lawhorn (#1 Domains International, Inc),
Michelle Miller (
Daniel Mejia (,
Stewart Reynolds (
Joe Devlin (
Robert S. Kieren (
Igal Lichtman (
Andrew Allemann (
William J. Piniarski (
Michael Green (

Joe Devlin: Do your homework. Know what makes a domain name valuable and have a plan before you register a domain. A domain name is in essence a business card to the world. Match the message a domain name can send with a business that needs to send that message and you have created value.

Andrew Allemann: Don't buy too many domains before you sell one or two. You may not be buying quality domains and may never sell them.

Stewart Reynolds: Have your domain names appraised to find out which names are the most valuable. Then have the most valuable domain names pointed to a page where prospective buyers can contact you. On that page postyour asking price and request offers.

Michael Collins: I guess it would seem self-serving to say list them at Afternic, but letting people know your domains are for sale is the first step. There are many ways to promote your domain for sale. Listing them on leading domain name exchanges and putting a for-sale notice on a website hosted on your name are among the best. Set a reasonable price. The biggest mistake I see is overpricing. There are many people who think their two and three word generic domains with limited market size are worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you do not have successful experience selling names, consider a reputable appraisal service. You have to be careful with appraisals too. Many appraisals are inflated to entice people into marketing relationships.

Michelle Miller: Price the name realistically and use a trusted broker offers a 100% FREE listing service that allows anyone to post their domain for sale. Our site gets over 50 million hits a month, instantly giving individuals the opportunity to gain free exposure and sell their name.

Next question for the panel:

"What are your 3 most successful strategies in reselling domain names?"

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About the Author
Edwin John is the author of the break-through course "How I Sell My Domain Names: A Weekend Crash Course". Learn how to find cash buyers for your domain names. Step by step expert strategies revealed. For details visit: (


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