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How About These For Unique Web Hosting Options?

By Dear Old Dave
Posted Monday, November 29, 2004

Three low or no cost alternatives for web hosting. Build your site and optomize it for high search engine placement automatically. Earn income for hosting with these providers.

How About These For Unique Web Hosting Options? Copyright 2002 by D. A. Bolick (Dear Old Dave) Selecting a web host can be a daunting task, if you have searched this out, you know from whence I speak. There are companies aplenty who will host your site for free, but you are required to carry advertising banners or the like. A site set up in this manner, however, screams to the world wide web that "your business is so lucrative, you can't even afford to pay for web site hosting." These are not the opportunities I am speaking of in the title of this article. You can literally pay from 0 to over a $100 plus per month for web hosting. Mind boggling. A friend of a friend is a web designer. She told me she always goes through a particular company for the sites she designs. This Company charges from $25-$90 per month for its different hosting packages. What in the world do they do for you that a $9.00 per month host doesn't do? Well, I'm not going to get into the details, because they are as confusing as all get out. But, in general to consider, you have band width, email capability, average up time of their servers (your coveted web site server), extensions for Microsoft FrontPage, Unix, Microsoft 2000, SQL, SSL, JHP, PHP, FTP, HTML editing, etc. Trust me, there are all kinds of considerations neither you nor I are going to understand, nor do we need to in all but the most extreme circumstances.

Okay, as promised in the title, here are three web hosting alternatives. I am personally using all of these and can highly recommend them because they all give way more than adequate hosting space (MBS of bandwidth), and to my personal experience and others whose recommendations I value, they are all 99% or better reliable when it comes to up time. Also, their customer service departments are reliable and prompt in answering even “newbie” questions.

My first choice for web hosting at this point in time is “Site Build It!”. I am building a new site with it as we speak. Ken Evoy, the creator, is one of the top marketing, web site building and product creation experts on the Web. If you've done much surfing along these lines, you have no doubt come across his name.

I actually got started in this business by reading an extensive, free course on creating, naming, building and marketing a “theme” web site that was authored by Ken. If you're interested in this area yourself, you can get this FREE course sent to you through email. Go to my main site at ( to pick up direct links to all of the products or free courses detailed in this article.

“Site Build It!” is a comprehensive program that includes domain name registration and web site hosting, but it is so very much more than that. This program of Evoy's leads you through

1. brainstorming a “theme” for your web site that fills a niche, market optimized to bring “highly targeted” traffic to your site - ones who are specifically looking for your products or services.

2. It leads you through brainstorming the most keyword-effective domain name for your business. Then, it has a program that constantly analyzes the keyword density on all of your pages and suggests ways to optimize them for the highest possible search engine rankings. (Did you know that the best companies who specialize in optimizing search engine rankings for web site owners charge from $1000 to $5000 per year?)

3. All you do to build your sophisticated web pages, is fill in the blanks as Sit Build It's training tutorial leads you through it.

Do you believe all that this one program does? It's pretty incredible! It is capable of building web sites so well that many Professional Web Site Designers use it to build sites for their clients. You'll find, that for a reliable web host and a decent amount of space, you'll pay on average about $25/month in hosting fees, or $300 a year.

You will pay for domain registration (as high as $35/year) in addition to hosting fees.

An HTML editor such as FrontPage or DreamWeaver costs in excess of $200.

Search optimization? Well, that is just out of the price range for most of us.

“Site Build It!'s” cost is about the same price per year as just web hosting alone would be. And, it's easy, and Ken is updating it all the time. And, if you have any questions, there is a really nice lady there who you can email or phone and she will answer them promptly. I highly recommend it. There are many more benefits I have not even detailed here, but you can see them for yourself at Ken's site. Also, Ken has a great affiliate program which can reduce the cost to you and allow you to make a considerable income for just recommending a product you are going to love to recommend anyway.

You can even get a FREE introduction to Site Build It!, If you want to preview how it works.

Here is another very interesting way to get your site hosted for free. Plus, with this option, there are numerous other benefits. Host 4 Profit offers a 300 MB Business Hosting Package (300 mbs is a ton!) for only $24.95 Per Month. But, that's not near all there is to this program. You get your Own “Plug In Cash Machine Sites Ready To Take Orders.” You get an incredible archive of marketing secrets, reports and ebooks to sell with reprint rights. You get a membership in the #1 Direct Marketing Support Forum on the internet! You get $10 per month for each new account you refer! They offer free Bahamas vacations as referral incentives. Need I say more?

Web Carriers hosts my main site, which I built in Microsoft's FrontPage some time ago, a good HTML editor, but Site Build It! is much more user friendly, and includes so much … much … more in benefits (web hosting, domain registration, search engine optimization, etc). But, let's say you have a web site already, and you are either not happy with your present host, or think you might be overpaying. This program may be for you.

You can go to Web Carriers directly for hosting, of course, but if you go to them through a membership in Go4Millions (they say they are the number 1 network marketing program on the internet, I don't doubt it) you have an option of receiving major benefits for a nominal investment that also includes possibilities for residual profit.

Here is a positive benefit they offer that is worth considering.

Recently, Go4Millions launched its own premiere search engine submission service on the Internet. is a submission service that G4M's founder, John Gates, initiated with the webmaster's economy in mind. With search submission services charging anywhere from $500 to $1,000, currently, getting your site listed on the top search engines is nothing short of a dream for most. Their revolutionary software, however, allows G4M to submit your site by hand to over 200 search engines within 48 hours and re-submit it every 30 days for a fraction of the price any other submission service would charge you.

With this service, they have also worked out a hosting plan for their members that is a major web bargain. Through this partnership agreement, Web Carriers offers 200MB fully featured web hosting to all Go4Millions members at half of their normal price!

Web Carriers has worked extremely well for me, so I can highly recommend it. It has all of the bells and whistles, including FrontPage extensions, a feature not available on most low price hosting services. You need these if you use FrontPage as your HTML editor.

Here is a breakdown that illustrates how much of a bargain G4M's program is.

Monthly charge for Plus Rank Submission Services: $45/month Monthly Hosting fee for 200 MB from Web Carriers: $35/month Total: $80/month And, through a G4M membership, you get it for only $25 per month. You save $55 each month from here on out. Also, you get a domain name registered for one full year for FREE. (That's about a $25 value on average.)

As I said earlier, you have to be a Go4Millions member to be eligible. This is a very legitimate MLM, affiliate based program that costs about $50 to join. For your money, you get John Gate's Marketing Bible, “Internet Marketing, Step By Step”. This is a beefy manual, and John Gates is an experienced internet marketer, with an ezine, “Hidden Secrets”, that boasts around 300,000 subscribers. In other words, he knows what he's talking about. This manual is well worth the Fifty bucks.

Find out exact details, if you are interested, at the URL listed above. As I said, I am personally a member of both. They have my wholehearted endorsement.

Now you have some potential money-making options for the trickier than tricky chore of choosing a web host. Go 4 It And Profit Too! And, don't EVER be afraid of endorsing a product or program you have laid down your money for, and are satisfied with. That is a ringing endorsement! I trust you feel the same way!

Dear Old Dave is President of A-D Trading Publishers And Marketers and has owned or operated over ten retail, wholesale and golf-related businesses. He is a Webmaster, Author, PGA Golf Professional, Gourmet Cook and a very serious student of Internet and Conventional Marketing. DOD publishes "Small Business Owners Unite!", a free, opt-in Newsletter on helping you to sell more of your products or services. Sign up or view more articles at (

About the Author
Dear Old Dave, President, A-D Trading Publishers and Marketers, Dave has owned or operated more than ten Retail, Wholesale and Golf-Related businesses, and has studied every aspect of successful marketing for more than thirty years now. He is a PGA Golf Professional, Author, Web Master, Wine Connoisseur, Gourmet Cook, former Snow Skiing Instructor and Editor of the free newsletter "Small Business Owners Unite!". Sign up at ( D-O-D's other informational web sites include: ( ( (


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