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How to Set up Your Own Personal Website, without Spending Any Money

By Vijay Chidambaram
Posted Wednesday, June 23, 2004

It has been my dream, right from childhood, to establish a great site, without spending any money. So I searched the web, for free domain names, free web hosting and free websites. I would like to share the results of my search with you.

I have searched all over the web for free hosting. I have set up free sites in all of them. From this experience, I can confidently say that the two best free web hosting solutions are Tripod and Freewebsites

In Tripod, you get a free website, (http:\\ and also an e-mail id You get free web Gems(addons) and a online WYSWYG editor and an online html editor.

Whereas, in FreeWebsites, you can get a free website with a number of domains like or or simply are only some of the great domains available at freewebsites. You also get a free e-mail address like Any email sent to this email address is automatically forwarded to your main e-mail address.

Also, there is an option of Bannerless Advertising in Freewebsites.There is an option of Pop-up Advertising in Tripod. So both these web-hosting solutions are great, besides being free. So pick your favourite free web hoster and set up a site there.

Now , we move onto free domain names. There is only one web service I know, that actually gives you free doamin names. That is the site ( offers free domain names like ( for free. Here`s how to obtain a free domain name:

First set up a free website with Tripod or Freewebsites. I explained how to do this earlier.

Go to ( and set up a free account with them. They will ask for the url of your existing website. Give the url of the website you set up with Tripod or Freewebsites.

Now they will ask you for the name to give to your tk domain name. Give them a short name which is easy to remember.
There, you have got your free website.

CAUTION:Your .tk domain name will expire after a period of time. Then, all you have to do is reregister your domain name in .tk again. That`s All.

Many happy free websites to you.

About the Author
The author lives in Chennai, India. He may be contacted at For more articles like this, visit (http:\\ )


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