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Book Review of The Seven Steps To Successful Relationships

By Judi Singleton
Posted Friday, December 31, 2004

A Practical Guide For Everyone By Keith And Maura Leon

Keith and Maura Leon have written a manual mixed with a workbook on how to create lasting relationships. This manual uses a business format to present the material and exercises of how to form a lasting relationship. The most positive thing I found about this book was the chapter on forming a relationship with oneself. I felt this chapter should have been expanded on perhaps the subject of the whole book. Although many tools for creating good relationships are covered in this book in possibly tried to cover too broad a range of tools and subjects and so fell short on all subjects covered. This book also lacked what Kahlil Gibran defines it as "spiritual affinity". It's the hidden element of chemistry. It's when two beings meet and connect on a deeper level. It can only be felt in the heart and soul. It's about friendship, respect, humor and the feelings of warmth and contentment that come when you are in his/her presence.

I got a sense that Keith and Maura had achieved creating a safe haven within their relationship. There book convey that each is willing to be their most vulnerable self,open to the most sacred feelings shared with one another. They have created connections defined by joy and the hopes of a future that will be a lasting testament of their love and commitment. For me the dry business model and too global a subject matter kept them from conveying this message. The many examples of the author and his wifes relationship show they are couragous and willing to be vunerable. I would buy this book just on the merits of the part about having a relationship with yourself.

Keith and Maura Leon have more than twenty-five years of experience in personal and professional development. They have completed advanced levels of training with Insight Educational Seminars and provide workshops and relationship coaching for individuals and couples. Their passion is building relationships that work. You can buy the book here. (

About the Author
Judi Singleton is the publisher of Jassmine's Journal. You can subscribe to the Journal at (


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