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Web Development - Do It Yourself!

By Michael Hein
Posted Thursday, September 30, 2004

A good looking website is one of the most important prerequisites for running a successful business, this I am sure you agree is inevitable. I see it like this; by running an effective online business you are saving multiples of thousands of dollars because you don't need to pay rent for a building. You also pay nothing for electricity, security and buildings maintenance. If your site looks like it's worth a thousand dollars then visitors will take your business and it's products seriously and you will have succeeded in owning a professional and viable web front end.

I know you will agree with me when I mention that 90% of the home-business world has adopted a DIY approach without professional resources and the end result is badly aligned, inconsistent page layout and a generally quite ugly feel. Please, take a look at your own website for a few minutes and ask yourself a big question - are you happy with your homepage? Is it all it can be? Does it portray what you want it to portray.... basically, is it working for you?

Thanks to a new wave of web technology there is a new solution that this article is all about. It's a DIY website revolution.

I want you to think of the best-looking web layout that you have ever seen. The most perfect and precise website you ever saw. And now imaging your website matching this quality in it's own unique way. Imagine this being possible 100% free of charge for at least another 31 days. Would that be worth inspecting? That depends on the answer to you question, if you are happy with your website.

I came across the following service quite recently and am still trying to figure out what the catch is, the service is all completely automatic and you can have your own website within minutes and it really is free. You don't have to provide bank details.

The following is offered:

-Instant Online Site builder
-Instant Webhosting
-Instant Domain Name
-Free website templates to get you started fast

All of the above is currently available free of charge for at least another 31 days.

I hope that this article has brought to your attention a fantastic new way of hosting and developing unique web sites online quickly and conveniently. The online site builder is really well developed and offers a very solid feel like using a windows application. Another real bonus is that every site is automatically listed on a high traffic Customer Showcase page and this happens the very instant that you have created your first website.

Take a look at their web page:

If you subscribe to the newsletter you will receive an AMAZING Photoshop website template free of charge. This template comes with html and images ready to use.

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