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3 Ways to Increase Your Traffic Today

By Dr. Roger Wilcox
Posted Monday, October 11, 2004

1. Instant Stickiness

Adding some type of interactivity to your site will increase your "return visit rate". Re-attracting your current visitors are the easiest way to increase your traffic. That's right - get the people who are visiting your site now to come back time and again.

It's been said that most web sales don't occur on the first visit to your site. If this is true, getting people to come back to your site should increase your sales dramatically.

Here is a great place where you can find hundreds of tools for adding stickiness to your site:


The only catch is that you'll have to "configure" any of these CGI scripts on your site. This can be quite tricky!

2. Robotize Your ROI.

I think we've all heard this before: "tracking your ads is critical".

Any marketing guru worth her weight in salt would agree. We've all seen the math. We know all the "why's". Why, then, don't we do it?

Well, it's simple: we're lazy! To top it off, tracking your ads is not easy. Taking the time to create various campaigns, track their effectiveness, and calculate the results is a real chore.

Luckily, there is a tool that will make this job easier. "Easier", I say, not "easy". Nothing will make it a walk in the park, but ROIbot will automate the most tedious aspects of testing for you:


ROIbot also has a ton of other cool tools for automating various Internet marketing tasks. It will automate just about everything: except your creativity, of course.

3. Sticky Reminders

If people don't come back on their own (they probably won't), you need to remind them to come back. Better - you need to "give them a reason" to come back.

Clearly, the best way to do this is to run an email newsletter. Provide some valuable content in your newsletter each time and your readers will love you for it. Once they love you, get them to come back to your site by reminding them about your valuable content. Or, you can inform them of new useful features as you add them.

The above two resources I listed will empower you to run your own email newsletter right now. ROIbot has a feature called "Newsletter Server" that will let you manage your newsletter totally from your PC. It's very powerful, and totally easy to set up. If you like configuring CGI scripts, and your server can handle the extra stress, "CGI-Resources" has a number of scripts you can install.

Do all of this stuff today and you'll see an immediate increase in your site traffic. Guaranteed.

About the Author
Dr. Roger Wilcox is a well-known author and Internet Marketing expert. Right now, he works as a professional affiliate to prove that anyone can make a generous living on the Internet. His affiliate program of choice is ROIbot: (


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