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4 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

By Jack Humphrey
Posted Sunday, November 28, 2004

By far the most effective way to

1) Brand your name, 2) Get free traffic, and 3) Sell more products, writing and publishing articles in your niche. No matter what your website focuses on or what you sell, there is an article relating to it that visitors and potential customers would like to read.

1. Link Popularity

When you write and submit articles to major free content sites, like, your articles get picked up by the search engines pretty fast because Idea marketers and other big sites are spidered more frequently.

With your bio line and URL at the bottom of each article, your link popularity increases as people pick up and use your articles on their sites.

2. More Subscribers

Every webmaster on the net looking to sell anything or gain repeat visitors to their site, no matter WHAT your content or products, must collect email addresses of visitors to update them on new products or information on the site.

Once a visitor is gone, you must go through all the work and expense it took to get them there in the first place all over again to get them back to your site. Unless you capture their email address through an opt-in subscription form. Usually people will use a freebie to tease the email subscription out of visitors, offering them something of high perceived value in return for their permission to mail them again later.

3. More Sales

If you sell anything (either your own products or through affiliate programs) traffic is your number one concern for making more sales. Yet traffic is expensive to get if you don't know how to use super-effective free techniques that deliver highly targeted potential customers.

Say you are a horse expert and you write an article on the best saddle blankets for horse and rider. It should be no surprise that you should be SELLING saddle blankets at your website. If your article is beneficial to horse owners, on whatever topic you choose to write about that day, and it gets circulated around some big lists and posted on some sites, chances are great that you could see tons of visitors through your bio line URL.

4. Where to submit your articles

My first and most favorite place to submit is They get spidered fast and I have gotten several articles picked up by publishers there.

For mass submissions directly to publishers for consideration, I use and love Ezine Announcer. It is the best program I have found on the net for getting your articles out to as many big publishers as possible in the shortest period of time. You can find out more about this software here: (

Finally, make sure you keep an idea file and track your article ideas carefully and religiously. When you are in the car, at work, whatever, you are going to think of some great topics to write on. If you are not careful, you will forget more than you ever write!

About the Author
Jack runs ( and is the author of "Power Linking 2: Evolution" at ( More Information at (


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