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A Perspective On Your Site Traffic

By Dale Armin Miller
Posted Saturday, June 19, 2004

While reading an ebook, I ran across the phrase, "...27,390
visitors a month. Not impossible, but a lofty goal. Let's say,
though, that you only want [a much smaller number]."

It reminded me that one of my sites is getting a million unique
accesses per month.

"Well, whoopie for you."

I just wanted to tell you one of my methods for accomplishing
that, in case it helps you.

"It's all from your affiliate program."

No it isn't.

"Some of it's from your affiliate program."

Well, of course. But everything I keep doing to bring in traffic
brings in traffic.

"Now I get it: You're PERFECT."

Oh, no. I don't think that way at all -- I've been married.

What I said was everything I *keep* doing brings in some
traffic. Most of the stuff I *try* doing to bring in more
traffic ... doesn't!

"How do you know?"

I track everything I can figure out how to track.

That is the only question -- *not* how much time that takes: I
can't afford to waste time on things that aren't working. I
don't have time enough NOT to track.

"And when something you try doesn't attract visitors, then
you admit failure and give up."

It's probably only a matter of perspective. But you can keep
that one -- I don't want it. Here's the perspective I use:

When I do something different or try something new, there are
only two things that can happen --

1) It *succeeds* in bringing more traffic than the least-
productive method on my "KEEP Doin' This Stuff" list. So I
excitedly add it to that list. Otherwise ...

2) It does not bring more traffic and I stop doing it ...
which *succeeds* in freeing me up to do the next item (# 8,463)
I'm excited about on my "TRY Doin' This Stuff" list. Plus I've
succeeded in learning something that helps me to make better
choices in the future.

It's probably only a matter of perspective. But studies
indicate that one of those perspectives leads to more
fulfillment, more happiness, more success, even more money.

If it is merely a matter of perspective, then it is something
you can choose and, by continuing to choose, make into a habit.

So, if I may, I suggest the perspective that leads to more
fulfillment, more happiness, more success, even more money.

About the Author
Dale Armin Miller. The author is Master At Arms of the Internet Marketing Success
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