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Are YOU Using Traffic Generators?

By Tracie Johansen
Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2004

You Can Increase Your Traffic by 5000 Hits or More per Month, Quickly and Easily Starting the Very First Day. Don`t Miss Out!

I increased my hits by 200 per day on the very first day on both my sites (That`s 200 on each site).

Want To Hear More?

Benefits of Startup Page Traffic Programs

Every time your start your browser you will earn a guaranteed visitor to your web site!

You can get more hits simply by clicking the surf for credits links provided in many of these services.

You Can Build Your EZine or Mailing List Subscribers Quickly

You Can Promote Your Affiliate Programs and Make More Money

Tips to Making This The Most Effective

Choose a page on your site that has a sign-up form to your eZine or mailing list. Be sure to have a free gift to offer for signing up. If you need something to offer you can download free eBooks from this site at: (

Make sure your page loads quickly. You only have a short time to catch the viewer`s attention, so don`t use a page that takes 30 seconds to load or you will lose them. You can check out your load time at: (

Make sure to have a KILLER Headline to get ATTENTION! Need Help? Download this free eBook. How To Write With A Magnetic Force So Powerful People Read Every Word!


Don`t use pop-up windows (they are more of a distraction than help with these services). I have found that if someone uses a pop-up window I spend the whole time I could be viewing the site trying to close the pop-ups. If you do use them, use a small top left window pop-up.

Now be sure to include a banner on this page from one of your banner exchanges. Now your getting hits from them too. If your banner exchange program offers two to one ratio for every 200 hits you get from the traffic generator program you get 100 banner exposures from your banner exchange. Don`t include every banner exchange you can find, this will #1 make your site look cluttered. #2 Slow down load time. Just include 1 - 2 banners.

Here are some good banner exchanges

FreeBanners: become a Gold Member by simply putting your banner on the top of your page and receive 20 credits for each click through plus your banner will be displayed at the top of 60% of all member pages (which mean a higher click through rate).


Use your Doorway Page as the traffic generator page. Set it up with just your EZine subscribe form and information on your eZine. Again Be sure to include A KILLER Headline.

Use one or several of your affiliate program sites. Some of these services allow you to rotate sites. Still be sure they are fast loading sites to be sure to get maximum exposure.

To beginning earning credits and getting the free traffic you`re looking for, just sign up for any or all of the below FREE programs.


Hit Harvester

This service allows you to harvest hits by surfing other sites. For every page you view you will receive 1 hit to your site. Simply click on start harvesting and every 25 seconds you can view a new web site and receive a free hit back to your site.



For every 2 browser startups your site will receive 1 visitor!

Starting June 24 every new member you refer will not only give you all the downline benefits, but you will get 100 credits for every new member too. Your upline will get the 10 credit bonus. For what? For doing nothing!




Ezytraffic`s click-thru exchange is a proven service for you to gain 1000`s of hits to your web site We guarantee that for every web site you visit from with our program we will in return send 1 visitor to your web site This is a 1:1 Exchange ratio and there is no set limit to how many credits you can earn.

We also don`t take a huge section of the top 1/3 of your page and fill it with our ads, like most others do. Did you know that this is the most valuable space on a web site yet, you`ve been giving it all away.



Traffic Generator

For every 1 browser startup your site will receive 1 Hit! You can put several different pages or sites on this one and they will be rotated.



Trade My Page

For every 6 browser startups your site will receive 4 visitors back!




For every 6 browser startups your site will receive 1 visitor! Besides, they have contests and you can win 10,000 or more hits.

"How many hits can you get per day using the StartBlaze free traffic building system?"

Click here to find out:


Please feel free to share this article with your friends or post it on your site as long as it is left intact except for your own referral URL`s replacing the ones for the Traffic Generators and it must include the byline below.

© Tracie Johansen

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