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Guide to Traffic Exchanges

By Jeffrey Kowalski
Posted Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Learn how to use and get the most out of Traffic Exchanges. These article is free to use on your site or newsletters.

In order for your online business to succeed in making any money, you must find a way to get people to it. It’s very easy to get people to see your website using Traffic Exchanges. Traffic Exchanges are a good way to promote your online business or website. You do not have to worry about receiving complaints of spam either.

How they Work
The way Traffic Exchanges work are very simple. When you first visit a Traffic Exchange website, you will be asked to register. Usually when you register you receive free credits just for signing up. You might be asked to confirm that the email you registered with is valid. When you login for the first time, you should add your sites into the exchange.

Types of Exchanges
There are many different types of exchanges. The most common of which are Auto Exchange, Surf Exchange, and Start Exchange. The one you should use depends on the type of traffic you desire. If you’re just looking for hits, then an Auto Exchange is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to attract leads or registrations, then you should consider using a Start Exchange or Surf Exchange.

Auto Exchange
An Auto Exchange rotates your site with an automatic timer. The traffic quality of this type of exchanges is very low, but is also cheaper and easier to earn credits. You do not have to click your fingers off to earn traffic credits. When choosing any Traffic Exchange, make sure there are anti-cheat functions available. You do not want to waste your time with exchanges that are not going to improve your quality of traffic.

Surf Exchange
A Surf Exchange works by members logging into their account and opening a surf window. The surf window contains a timer and when the timer reaches zero, you are then told to click to continue. Many sites use anti-cheat protection to prevent automated programs from surfing for them. The traffic quality of this type of exchange is usually pretty good, but is also more time consuming and you get tired of clicking quickly.

Start Exchange
Start Exchanges work by setting your default homepage to a specific web address that makes it possible for you to earn credits for your site just by starting your web browser. This type of exchange usually gives good traffic because visitors are actually looking at your site.

Many Traffic Exchanges set rules on what types of sites can join. The most common rules are that your site can only have a certain number of pop ups, if any. If your site contains adult content, you should consider looking for an adult traffic exchange as the regular exchanges usually forbid this type of content. Illegal content such as pirated software and child pornography is not allowed by all exchanges.

Many sites offer a referral program so you can earn credits for each person you refer to the traffic exchange. You can add a banner, button, and text links to your site to add members to your downline. Also, you could add your referral link to other exchanges to help build your downline.

Targeted Advertising
Some Traffic Exchanges allow you to target your site to visitors with a specific interest. It is a good idea to try these ones first so you can test the market for your product or service.

Buying Credits
Many Traffic Exchanges let members buy credits. Many of them let you pay them via online payment services such as PayPal and E-Gold. Shop around before buying credits, you might be able to find cheaper rates at another Traffic Exchange.

Safe lists
Safe lists are another way to exchange traffic. You subscribe to a list and agree to receive offers via email from other members. There are premium users and free users. Free users are able to send one email to a limited number of subscribers every few days. Premium users get even more benefits such as being able to send email to the entire list. A great thing about safe lists is that you will not be accused to sending spam.

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