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How to Analysis Your Web Traffic For FREE For Maximum Profits

By Ross Reyman
Posted Saturday, June 19, 2004

If you are low on fund and time, you don't want to waste your time
advertising in areas that will not bear results. How will you prejudge and
later analysis your approach to web traffic? Is there a way to make trial
run to find if you will be successful or not? This brief summary should
present ideas that will be helpful, and save both money and time.

The first approach is to ask as many people as possible that you can as to
where to advertise and promote your site. However, there is a drawback.
Only about 10% of those who give advice really can help. Be open enough to
question any guidance that you get.

Another approach is called the copycat technique. Take 10 person who
advertises in ezines for example. Make a list of 10 persons that always
advertise. If ezine (newsletter) #1 has 7 ads that are on your list it is
better than one with 3. This is a place to start. You can also take a firm
that is successful and copy where they promote.

You might want to use web tools to make analysis after you start to promote
and advertise. Here are three ways that you can get help.

1) Does your web provider have logs of the origin of hits on your site? They
will tell you if you got hits from a certain search engine, a bookmark or
from Denmark at 2 in the morning. Unfortunately, many providers don't have
this service, and perhaps, you should change to one that does. Call your
provider now.

2) Use third party traffic services. Search engine lists Internet audits and
some are found under web counter. I had one service that gave me 50 search
engines. I found that I was getting a lot of hits at 3-4 am from England. It
is useful to take your time in find a service because some are better than
other by a big margin. Here are some addresses (
/) and ( and ( /). Some are free, but
some charge a small fee.

3) How about my web pages? I would like to find out if I have a site that
people like and maybe I can advertise these pages. You might want to get a
second traffic analysis or a web counter. Here is an idea. Get an account at
Commission Junction, a company that has paying banner for over 500
merchants. Sign up for a banner and then place the banner at the bottom of
the page. You will be able to gain a commission and then you can look weekly
to find how many people visited your site. Check at
( This is not
the most perfect method and you can only have the banner on just one page at
the one you are using for analysis. But it is better than paying for a
second service.

Whatever, you do. You need traffic analysis and need to examine the sites in
this article.

About the Author
Ross Reyman owns the largest freebies site on the web for Internet marketers
at ( /). This site has free ad, moneymakers, and
free merchandise such as money. You might also want to read his magazine at
( /). He will always try to answer any
question that you send him.


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