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How to get an extra 5,000+ hits monthly to your site-absolutely free!!!

By Dean Garrison
Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2004

We all dream of a landslide of free hits to our sites each month with no money out of pocket. This is why we spend endless hours posting to free ad sites and placing free classifieds. Those methods work but they are very time consuming and will bring in probably much less than 5000 extra hits a month. Well, there is hope. The technique that I am about to explain brings me an average of 5000 extra hits each month and it only takes about 5 hours of my time (total) each month. Now that's power!

In fact, whether you realize it or not you are witnessing my technique in action. Yes, I am talking about writing guest articles for your favorite ezines, web sites and print publications. About twice a month I sit down and write a business building article like this one and submit it to my small but growing list of publisher contacts. 90%+ of them say, "Thanks, but no thanks" and the other 10% that print my article bring me a minimum of 5,000 extra hits to my site every month.


One thing that many people may not realize is that these 5,000 hits are equal to about 50,000 real world hits. What do I mean? Well, when I get a generic visitor to my site that found me through a banner or search engine, about 1 in 60 will buy one of my products or join one of my lists. That's not bad, I am not complaining. But something magical happens when you write articles to your target audience. I have found that about 1 in 6 will buy something or join one of my lists. That is ten times better than the average "every day" visitors to my site.


Why are these people more responsive to my offers? It's because they have already spent a few minutes getting to know me, as you are doing right now. They view me as somewhat of a "guru." Average surfers don't have that luxury. They just hit on my search engine listing or answer one of my short ads; that is why they are less responsive... because THEY DON'T KNOW ME FROM ADAM!!!

By writing short articles in your area of expertise you gain a certain amount of respect from your peers and that respect translates into TRUST and trust translates into BUYING CONFIDENCE and buying confidence translates into SALES!!! And I think we would all agree that we could use more sales.

The lesson here is not just that you can get thousands of extra hits FREE, but also that those hits will be of much higher quality than your average visitor.


We all have something to share with our business peers. Even if you are a beginner, you can look at things from a beginner's perspective and write about that. Or maybe you just have a different insight or niche to talk about. THE PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY ARE WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Just write about topics that you know and submit to your favorite industry publications. Most of them will let you submit your work for consideration. And a few of them will even publish it.

At the end of your article you will put a simple "resource box" that tells people about you and your business in a few short sentences. See mine at the end of this article if you need ideas.

Then, when a reader makes it to the end of your article they will sometimes click on your web page link and pay you a visit. That's where the hits come from. And what valuable hits they are!!!


For finding web sites and print magazines for your articles you will have to do some research on your own. You obviously know your industry better than I do. Try your favorite search engine. But to find a ton of ezines, I have included some links for you to check out. I found 50 myself the other day that accept business building articles like this one!

Here are those links:

Of the links above, ezine-swap and home-income will even give you the submission addresses for your articles. On some of the other sites you will have to subscribe to the ezines and see if they accept articles (or email the publisher).

Hopefully 5000+ hits a month for five hours work is enough to motivate you to at least try this method. Most people tend to think that they can't write articles that others will find interesting but you will never know until you try. By the way, if you write business articles send them to me, too, at I publish a weekly ezine and also a print magazine, monthly.

About the Author
Dean Garrison is the webmaster at Revolution Online, one of the internet's premier home business training sites. Visit us today at: (


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