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How to: Start a Viral Traffic Chain Reaction

By Joe Sansoucie
Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Would you like to start a Viral Traffic Chain Reaction? It's simple and FREE! Takes all of 5 or 10 minutes or so. Ready? :-) Start here... Are you a member of these? LoopTraffic FreeViral MassiveHitsGenerator UltimateTrafficSystem Why should you be using them? Simple. These sites require anyone who wishes to post their ad to view the 6 - 8 websites for 10 to 30 seconds each to retreive a code. Once that has been accomplished, they can post thier ad and get thier own page to promote. This page has your ad on it, so they are helping you promote your business. This can multiply to infinity between 6- 8 levels! Using these systems also sends real visitors giving you a chance to capture a new prospect or signup or whatever.. Here's how to use them. Join the first one if you aren't already a member. Loop Traffic Now join the second one. FreeViral Once you have signed up for Free Viral, get your referral link and place it in Loop Traffic. Now join the third one. MassiveHitsGenerator Once you have signed up MassiveHitsGenerator, get your referral link and place it in FreeViral Now join the fourth one. UltimateTrafficSystem Once you have signed up UltimateTrafficSystem, get your referral link and place it in MassiveHitsGenerator. The URL you place in UltimateTrafficSystem is whatever site you want to drive traffic too. I use it to drive traffic to my own MaxTrafficExchange site. You may use it for whatever program your are promoting. You can change the destination URL anytime you want without having to change the four pages you just joined. Do you see what happens here? Looptraffic is the only URL you need to drive traffic too. Use everything at your disposal. FFA's should be poted to daily. Classifieds are weekly or monthly. Safe Lists, Ezine ads, Search engines, Directories, Start page programs like MaxTrafficExchange. By pointing all resources at one URL "LoopTraffic" in this case, this will get the pump started which will start the traffic chain reaction to your final destination URL and build your referral base in the programs used to create the chain reaction. Like so... "LoopTraffic" feeds "FreeViral" which feeds "MassiveHitGenerator" which feeds "UltimateTrafficSystem" which drives traffic to your "final destination URL" of choice. What will happen over time is your referral base will grow substantialy and you will be able to simply point this trafic hose at any site you wish to create a major traffic injection to that site! It will take 6 - 8 weeks to get it rolling strong so keep the preasure on until it starts to kick in. You will notice a point where it will take over on it's own. You are now viral! If not, keep applying the preasure until it does. You will want to try and test different headlines for your Loop Traffic URL to find the one that pull the best result. If you run across any other programs like the four you just joined, signup and send it to me and I will join you and add it to my personal chain. This will build your referrals rather quickly. Send your referral link and any ads for the particular program to me. When you do find one and join it, just add it to the end of the chain and then point the new updated chain at the final destination URL of choice. Currently I have 52 people in my Loop Traffic. Ad Netowrk is another good one. I have 69 people. Ad Network I paid for the pro membership at Ad Network for the benefits. If you visit my page you will see my ad has an autoresponder. You will also notice my banner. (Both Benefits of the paid membership) My autoresponder and banner are on all 69 pages on the system. 69 people are promoting my autoresponder and banner. Add Ad Network at the end of the chain and put your destination URL in the Ad Network. So you have... "LoopTraffic" feeds "FreeViral" which feeds "MassiveHitGenerator" which feeds "UltimateTrafficSystem" which feeds "Ad Network" which drives traffic to your "final destination URL" of choice. You can increase your chain anytime you want with "like" programs. Like this one that is a banner page, but works the same as Loop Traffic and the others. CrazyTraffic Add it to the end of the chain. So now you have: "LoopTraffic" feeds "FreeViral" which feeds "MassiveHitGenerator" which feeds "UltimateTrafficSystem" which feeds "CrazyTraffic" which feeds "Ad Network" which drives traffic to your "final destination URL" of choice. So here they are in order: LoopTraffic FreeViral MassiveHitsGenerator Ultimate Traffic System CrazyTraffic Ad Network Promote your Loop Traffic URL using start page programs like Maximum Traffic Exchange You may also download a great article written by Paul Barrs for getting new Loop Traffic members and increasing your Chain Reaction! Get immediate information now. Click here So get started right now! Did I mention that it is free to do this? Yes it is FREE! So Go now and start priming the pump on your Viral Traffic Chain Reaction Machine! To Your Success, Joe Sansoucie

About the Author Visit now and download your copy of Paul Barr's hot new audio course entitled: Website Magic! While you are there join the Maxsales Safelist. Joe is also co-owner of the Maximum Traffic Exchange Drive more traffic to your site today, and everyday for free!


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