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Multiply Your Traffic Through Deep Linking, Part 1

By Ginger Geracitano
Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You've probably already indexed your main page of your site, right? In most cases, people will submit their entrance page, their sales page, and perhaps one other page on their sites. My question is this... why stop there?

There is something called "Deep Linking", and it's probably one of the most effective ways to increase the traffic to your site! I've done this from the beginning of the life of, because it just made sense, but then again, most of what the Internet Marketing Guru's tell us is just that anyway, isn't it? Common sense. If we were not creatures of habit, that forget things from time to time, there would be a lot less money being earned in the Internet Marketing arena!

Back to deep linking. After some time in the Internet Marketing jungle, you realized that it is in fact necessary to provide your visitors with quality content so they have a reason to come back to your site, at the same time building confidence in your abilities. Great! That's a step in the right direction. Let's take it one step further.

You have great content, but what are you doing with it? Are you just posting it to a page and linking to it from your traffic areas because you feel as though it's only there to pacify your visitors? I realize that a lot of you are only interested in making sales, and earning the ever elusive "million dollars overnight", but we've already discussed how that doesn't really happen. If your content is truly valuable, and of use to people in your target market, why not advertise it?

You want focused, pre-sold people to visit your site? Give them the information they are looking for FIRST. Link to your content pages, and the all important navigation on your pages will allow them to browse while they're visiting. How do I know they'll do that? For one, my page view reports provided by my host server. Second, it's human nature! Your visitor says to themselves, "Wow, that's really great information, I wonder what else they offer here". Makes sense right?

To this day, I get between 2-5% of my total traffic browsing my site because of ONE content page. It's not a sales page, and it's not a report page. It's a tutorial on how to create animated glittering font! This was something that was not well known in the graphics community. A couple of posts to graphics message boards, and viola! Masses and masses of visitors, browsing not only the tutorial page, but hitting my rotating internal banner too!

In part II of this article I will tell you how I knew this particular group of visitors would be interested enough to click that rotating banner, and exactly how I set up the "rotating internal banner". Stay tuned for the next issue where I'll explain "internal linking" to turn your maximized traffic into the all important maximized page views! In the meantime, submit your "meaty" content pages to the search engines to increase your traffic from your focused, targeted market!

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About The Author:
Ginger Geracitano offers her experience as a Web Designer and Business & Marketing Coach through her weekly E-Zine, The Portal To Success. ( Subscribers receive tips, strategies, and her product reviews every Monday.


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