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The Benefits Of Targeted Traffic

By Adam Buhler
Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The key to success in the affiliate game is "targeted traffic" meaning that it is crucial to direct only those who are interested in your products or programs to your website. For instance, imagine two websites which we will call website A, and website B.

Website A gets 100,000 visitors monthly while website B gets 10,000 visitors per month. Which website do you think has the largest profit each month? Of course it's website A, right? Wrong. While website A gets ten times the traffic of website B none of that is targeted traffic while website B attracts only those who are interested in the products it offers leading to much greater profits per month!

We offer many resources that demonstrate the power of "targeted traffic" and how to best achieve online success. The first thing that I want you to realize is that there is no silver bullet, or magical method to instantly guarantee that you will start making mega money from affiliate programs.

In fact, making serious money from affiliate programs isn't that easy at all... not in the beginning, anyway. Once you have established yourself, and have built a following of subscribers and repeat traffic... then it is much easier to simply mention a new product or service that you ran across, and have a bunch of new sales by the next morning. But...don't get discouraged, with a little effort and determination you will succeed!

About The Author
Adam Buhler is the owner of Affiliate Programs Directory: ( Adam is the author of the weekly newsletter "Affiliate Secrets". He is offering a free copy of the ebook "Internet Cash Machines" For a limited time to anyone who subscribes at: (


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