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Turn Your Expertise Into Free Advertising

By Josh Greth
Posted Thursday, November 11, 2004

Being an expert in your industry can easily be turned into a cheap, immediate and an infinite source of free advertising for your business, products or services. Writing articles which can be distributed and redistributed over and over again can lead to increased web traffic, more links to your site, and best of all, an increase in overall business. The process is simple:

1.Sit down and brainstorm a few key elements of success in your specific industry. Try to think of tools, knowledge or skills you know now, that maybe you didn’t possess when you started your business. This sort of sound advice is what makes articles valuable for other business owner’s and desirable for readers and directories to share and publish throughout the web. Once you have a nice collection of topics you understand and have used yourself to become successful, start writing away. Create informative articles, somewhere between 400 and 1,000 words, for each topic you brainstormed. Be as descriptive as possible, yet to the point. Most online article directories and publishers will appreciate your “right to the point” style, and this gives you a much better chance of actually being published.

2.Once you have some creative and informative articles written on your field of expertise, it’s time to spread the word. Using Google, search for the main term of your business classification. If your main area of business is for example, “Telecommunications”, then search for that (without the quotations, of course). Once you have those search results it’s time to find who is willing to accept your articles. Google has a tool at the bottom of the search results page, to the right of the search bar entitled “Search within results.” Click this button and a new screen will appear. Now enter the term “submit article” into this new search bar, and press the search button. What you will essentially be presented with now is all the results for Telecommunications, but which also contain the presence of the term “submit article.” Using these newest results, sift through and find some relevant and applicable sources for submitting your articles. To give you a head start, here are some good sources to start with for general business article submissions:

3.In addition to the articles themselves, most any publication or distribution source will allow the addition of an About the Author section to publicize yourself and your business. Use this area to place a hyperlink to your website and email. Include your phone number, name, experience in your industry, qualifications, etc. Anything that you feel best describes why you are an expert on the specific topic at hand, is a good idea. Don’t forget, you want your readers to be able to contact you for further publication of your article once they have seen for themselves the great and valuable resources you can create about your industry!

Make the decision that is best for your business, and best of luck! Please visit Josh Greth at
Copyright 2003 Josh Greth. All rights reserved.

About the Author
Josh Greth has developed, owns, and is the reigning CEO of CardStreet Cardservice Corp. To date, they have established over 100,000 successful merchants and helped make their dreams a reality, by creating a simple, yet cost effective, means of credit card processing. For more information on credit card processing, or to obtain your own merchant account for a retail, internet, wireless or phone/mail order business, please visit


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