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Creating Your Own HTML Email Templates in Outlook

By GlobalFusion
Posted Sunday, July 25, 2004

If you want HTML Emails in Outlook to look the way YOU want, and your designing them in DreamWeaver - Heres How:

Step 1

When in Outlook (Pro), Go to the Tool | Options Menu.

Step 2

Click on the Mail Format Tab along the top of the current dialog box.

Step 3

Under 'Stationary and Fonts', Click on the Stationary Picker Button.

Step 4

Click the New.. Button.

Step 5

Enter any unique name (not an existing stationary name), then select (by clicking) the Use this file as a template radio button, then click Browse.

Step 6

In the Browse Dialog box, locate your HTML file.

Outlook will then create its own copy of that file which it stores under:

x:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Stationery

If you wish to make 'instant' changes to your stationary, just edit and save this file, and outlook will reference the new file.

If plain old HTML is a bit too boring for your email templates, or you just want greater control of your elements - you CAN use CSS.

The only thing you need to remember, is that your CSS needs to be in the same HTML file.

For an Example of using CSS in Email Templates - visit: (

Thats it!

Enjoy your New HTML Email Template!

About The Author
Adam Roper is the founder of GlobalFusion - a Multimedia & Web Development firm based in Sydney, Australia that designs everything from websites to DVDs and Multimedia Kiosks. If you have questions about creating HTML Email Templates or want someone else to do the design work for you, visit our website at: ( or shoot us at:


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