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Lesson for Learning the Basics of HTML

By Lawrence Roth
Posted Friday, November 26, 2004

For beginners who are interested in learning basic Web development by using HTML (HyperText Markup Language) here are some helpful HTML tags to start practicing with. Listed below is the basic framework you will need to create an HTML page:

This framework is the foundation on which you will be able to build your HTML page. Remember that a beginning tag will have this format and the ending tag will have this format .

The tags are where you will place the title of your page. The title appears on the title bar at the top of a Web browser. Here is an example:

Rothline Entertainment >> Offers Computer and Video Games and PC Software

The title tags will always be between the beginning and ending tags.

The tags are where the Web page content will go.

Between the tags the most commonly used tags are:

These are the paragraph tags.
Heading tag 1 creates largest sized heading

Heading tag 6 creates smallest sized heading

These are the basics, so all you need to do is use a text editor like Notepad and insert your HTML and save the file as webpage.html and you have created your first HTML page. Here is an example:

Rothline Entertainment >> Offers Computer and Video Games and PC Software

Playstation 1 Games available for discount prices

Ace Combat 4 A World In Conflict An Ace Pilot Ready to Take Command!! Strap yourself to the cockpit of one of 18 ferocious Jet Fighters and prepare for supersonic excitement in 18 Adrenaline-soaked missions.

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Experience the massively popular world of Baldur's Gate as never before! Dark Alliance thrusts you into an epic adventure filled with intense action, intricate puzzles and sinister intrigue: where your mastery of cold steel and devastating spells is the only thing between you and ultimate evil.

Now go practice some and see what you can create with basic HTML.

About the Author
Lawrence Roth is the Owner/Manager of Rothline Entertainment located at ( and (


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