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Instant plug-in scripts that help you profit... "Special offer expiry date with a twist"

By Michel Komarov
Posted Monday, December 6, 2004

How would you like to add an irresistible sense of urgency to any of your online offers... instantly?

I thought so!

What I've go for you here is the perfect answer in the form of a special piece of JavaScript you can just copy and paste into your sa'les page.

So what does it do exactly?

It creates an active deadline date counting down the days until your offer expires.

So where's the twist?

What's extra special about this unique code is as soon as the offer is over the HTML code you placed inside this script will no longer be seen on your website.

For example inside the HTML code could be an order button giving your visitors the chance to order at a discount.

As soon as the special offer date has been reached the discount order button just disappears!

I think this is much more honest way of working than just adding an advance special offer expiry date that's never reached.

Here's how it all works...

Place the HTML code into the source code of your web page anywhere between the and tags. The position you choose is where your special offer will appear:


'Your special offer HTML-code. '+
'You can use:'+
'still '+ expiryDays +' days '+
'or... till '+ expiryDate +' '+


Set the expiry date you need at string:

var expiry = new Date(2004,0,1);

Note. See the comment below this string. Month's numbers begin from 0.

You need to place your special offer HTML-code between string




Then you should quote each your HTML-code line with single quoting symbol (') and add the plus symbol (+) at the end of each line.

Please note: You shouldn't use single quoting symbol inside your HTML-code. (Use double quoting symbol inside your HTML-code instead.)

You can also place the expiry date inside your special offer.

Use the expiryDate variable. Or you can place the number of days till the offer expire, just use the expiryDays variable.

That's all there is to it, if you follow this link: ( you can see how it should look when you've installed it on your web page.

For a more detailed explanation on what JavaScripts are and how to install them please send a blank email here:

If you need any help or advice in installing this or any of my other plug-in scripts just let me know and I'll do my best to help ;-)

At your service,

Michel Komarov

About the Author
Michel Komarov is a fully qualified software engineer with over 5 years experience helping people to automate their online businesses for maximum profits.


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