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Quick Tip- The OTHER Anchor Tag

By Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Posted Monday, July 19, 2004

There's another title tag that goes with the link tag that you probably know nothing about. There are some who never want you to know it exists because it gives their site a secret boost in some search engines, creating keyword density without their webpages sounding ridiculous or overhyped.

It only works in IE, but is still a great place to place extra keywords in your site.

To see an example, hover over the "Home" link in your menu for this page. To make that keyword loaded menu pop-up, I used the "title" label, a little known designation within the anchor tag.

The HTML is below. If your email client or web browser has translated the link, go to your IE menu in View, go to View Source to see the code.


It is best used in full sentences loaded with keywords, on your site navigation where it can appear to be there in order to help your visitors get around.

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