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10 quick tips to make your website user friendly for search engines and customers

By BZ Riger-Hull
Posted Friday, December 17, 2004

1. Design your website to be compatible with the largest number of viewers. Have the resolution set to 800x600.

2. Avoid large graphic files, pictures, and fancy applets that make pages load slowly.

3. Be creative with your design but keep your hyperlinks in the normal blue color which means they have not been selected and purple which means they have been.

4. Optimize your graphics so they load fast.

5. Use bullets, descriptive headlines, and sub texts to make your page easy to read and find information.

6. Red and yellow should not be used on your website, these bright colors cause the human eye to strain and it will be tiring to look at your page.

7. Make your hyperlinks short; select one or two words to use in the hyperlink.

8. Make sure to put your contact info on the bottom of each page. Your website address, email, name, and physical address this makes visitors to your site much more comfortable. It lends credibility.

9. If you are selling something it should take less than three clicks to get to the order form.

10. Don't use frames on websites. They are confusing for visitors to navigate and search engines won't look past your front page, so you will have poor search engine ranking because of it.

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