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To Pay, can Pay!

By Seamus Dolly
Posted Monday, December 20, 2004

When I started out, I was determined to pay for as little as possible. Search engine submissions seemed relatively simple; just type in your details and "let it off". I was set to be a millionaire in a few months. Why didn't I do this years ago instead of working like a slave in a thankless and tough engineering industry?

However, I was somewhat naive. There is a lot to learn but the good news is that it can be learned so following is the essence of Pay Per Click search engines.

PPC or "pay per click" search engines, are a way to get guaranteed and targeted traffic. To take any mystery out of it, you just place a bid on the words of your choice. These words are typically words one would type into a search engine that would eventually lead them to your website.

If you are marketing "BREAD", then this would be one such word or keyword. You put yourself in the shoes of the person looking for your product or a product like yours. This should sensibly be uncomplicated. For example, you shouldn't select "bread for beginners" or "bread that will melt in your mouth". Your bread might very well melt in the mouth, but the regular Joe or Josephine wouldn't typically know that and therefore would not type it in as a search keyword. The market on the internet is anyone and everyone that is connected so some consideration for the way they think is required and essential.

Targeted traffic is the only traffic of any commercial use and this is possible with PPC's. If you have the highest bid for "BREAD", then you will automatically be number one with that particular search engine, and maybe others allied to it. It is then up to your product/site to do the business. Its straightforward enough and may only need a bit of practice.

Examples of such PPC's are: Overture, Google, 7 search, and many more. All you have to do is type in PAY PER CLICK in google or any search engine and you will have loads to choose from.

Remember, and this is important, to think the same way as your market when selecting keywords. They are more likely to type in a few words than many and it is not a safe assumption that the majority are even good typists.
In fact, they don't have to be, if you make it as simple as possible.

The bids that you have to beat are displayed for you so you can easily estimate how much you will be charged per click. This is not a credit system and you may have to load your account with the particular engine with money. Your clicks will then be deducted from this agreed amount, so you will get a hit to your site, assuming that the word or combination of words that you selected, are reasonably likely to be typed in.
Sadly though, it doesn't guarantee a sale.

In conclusion, PPC's are not too difficult to master and are a good return of investment.

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