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How to Get a Top 10 in Google - Guaranteed

By Kevin Dixon
Posted Friday, December 10, 2004

This is the introduction of how I acieved a top ten listing at Google.

Friend, If you have a website, You need traffic. Especially if you are in e-commerce. No matter if your selling appliances, T-Shirts or a multi-level marketing program.

Stay tuned through to Day 8 of our ecourse because I'm going to give you a very special gift worth over $200 and may very well be worth more than that to you because I'm going to give you permission to resell them.

Go to ( right now and type in "Bosch Tools" (Make sure you include the quotation marks). At number 3 you will wee my website. It looks like this:

Bosch Tools and Skil Tools at Discount Prices ... We carry Skil Tools Bosch Tools. ... Price - We sell bosch Tools and Skil Tools at deep discount prices because we don't have a lot of overhead expenses. ... - 21k - Jan. 22, 2003 - Cached - Similar pages

Even if you type Bosch Tools with no quotation marks, my site is listed at number 5. If you do the search terms "skil Tools", I'm number 3.

I have high ranking on many search terms. The other search terms that I have high rankings on are the name of some of my products. That's a really good thing.

This ranking fluctuates from time to time. A couple of times I ven seen my website disappear for 2 or 3 days and them come back with even better ranking.

Try not to let this roller coaster ride concern you too much. There is not alot you can do about this other than tweek your website a little at a time. If you do let it upset you, you may be upset alot, especially in the beginning of your campaign.

Google and it's partners get approximately 290 million searches a day or 90% of all internet searches (according to Wordtracker).

In addition more than 86% of all people find out about new web sites by using search engines (according to the recent survey by the Georgia Institute of Technology).

Also, according to a recent study by Penn State University, fully 70% of searchers never look past the first two pages of results. That means your Web site needs to appear in these pages to get real traffic.

What can we glean from these studies? That there is a significant amount of traffic to be gained by being in the top twenty ranking at Google. Even better if you have a top ten in Google, which is our topic in this ecourse.

Actually I have a better response from high ranking than being listed in the Pay-per-Click sponsored listings to the right of the page.

I believe that is because people really believe that they have found your site rather than you finding them. People have gotten used to the idea that pay-per-click ads are just a sales ad.

This sets up a closed mind mentality in the customer and you end up having lower conversion rates. Not to mention the fact that this can be very expensive. Especially when you consider the effect of click fraud.

Notice though, at the top of the page it tells you how many websites are competing for that keyword. In the case of "Bosch Tools" it's 9,100. Now that is competitive!

So what sets mine out from the rest of the crowd? Well, If you will stay tuned, I will show you over the course of 1 week; tips, tricks and hints to help you get there WITHOUT spamming the search engine.

For a free ecourse on this topic cut and paste this URL in your browser: (

Your Marketing Friend, Kevin Dixon

PS - If you subscribe from this ezine your first message will be the same as this article. I apologize for this but on the next day you will start receiving your free ecourse.

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About the Author
Kevin Dixon is the owner of and is a certified Industrial and Biomedical Electronic Technician. He has 4 children and a wife. They live in Dickinson Texas.


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