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A Look at GRSeo Software . . . Search Engine Optimizer

By Robin Nobles
Posted Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Are you having problems achieving top rankings with your Web
pages? Are you interested in learning what to do with your Web
site to boost your chances at more visibility and targeted
traffic that converts to sales?
With GR Software's Search Engine Optimizer software
(, you can run your Web pages through
the program, and it will immediately offer easy-to-understand
suggestions and tips that will help boost your chances at top

Plus, it's simple to use. Here are the basic steps:

1. Set up a new Project for each Web site that you work with.
2. Point the program to the directory on your hard drive where
you store your Web pages. You can also import pages from the Web
directly to your hard drive.
3. Point the program to an exact Web page.
4. Choose the keyword phrase that you want the page to be found
under in the major search engines and directories.
5. Under Options, choose which options are important for you. For
example, I chose not to consider the final "s" when matching
keywords; to skip words whose length is less than three; and to
automatically run the report in my browser. In this area, you can
also choose your favorite HTML editor, text editor, and two other
user tools of your choice, such as an HTML validator or a keyword
density tool.
6. Under Checker Elements, choose the search engine that you want
the page optimized for. If you've created a general page and want
it optimized in a very generalized way so it will appeal to the
most search engines, choose Generic Engine.
7. Click Start. The report will almost instantly be created, and
your browser window will open to display it for you.

The program covers 16 search engines and directories, and it will
check your pages against over 60 different elements, including
many spam-related elements that could cause your site to be
banned from the search engines altogether.

If the program offers a suggestion that you don't understand, go
to the Report tab of the program and double click on that
suggestion. The program will point you to the exact location in
your HTML file of the problem area.

If you view the results in your browser window, you'll see both
the short and expanded descriptions of the problem areas as well
as various tips related to that particular engine. If you view
the results through the Report tab, you can double click to see
the expanded description.

For the directories, the program doesn't actually run your pages
through its various checks. Instead, it offers 10 different tips
related to each directory as well as the latest news from that

So, the Tips area for both the engines and directories is where
you can learn if the engine has formed a new partnership with a
pay-per-click engine, for example, as well as other newsworthy
items. It also offers tips that are unable to be included in the
actual checks.

For example, here's one of the tips for the Google search engine:

Google is now powering AOL Search. (short description)

This summer, Google began to power AOL Search and its partners,
including CompuServe,, AOL, and Netscape. Google is also
the exclusive provider of sponsored links for these sites with
their Adwords Select listings. For more details read the press
release from Google:
( (expanded

One of the best parts of the program is that its "checker" file
is updated every month with the latest happenings related to each
engine and directory. When an engine changes its algorithm, and
when it is determined how that change affects a Web page, it's
added to the program. So, with this program, you're always up to
date with the latest strategies in working with the engines and

A free trial version is available that analyzes your pages for
two search engines, so visit this URL to try it out for yourself.

Or, visit the GRSeo Web site to learn more about the program.

The beauty of GRSeo is that it makes your search engine life so
much easier by reminding you of things you can so easily forget

About the Author
Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists,
has trained several thousand people in her online search engine
marketing ( training
programs. She also teaches 3-day
hands-on search engine marketing workshops in locations across
the globe with Search Engine Workshops

Copyright 2002 Robin Nobles. All rights reserved.


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