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Change Your Site Now!

By Holly Janion
Posted Thursday, July 1, 2004

Change your site! That's right, if you want the edge in
this highly competitive market, you need to change your
site now!

In order to increase your traffic you need to change the
content on your site to reflect current trends. By this
I don't mean simply changing a few words, layout etc etc,
I mean really changing it to keep ahead of your competition
by providing services that people really want.

This by no means has to affect the theme of your site, you
simply need to enhance it to provide additional much sort
after services or products. If you're happy with the amount
of visitors your site is currently receiving, and I doubt
you are, then leave it as it is, but if you want more visitors,
and you want your visitors to keep coming back, then read on!

Let's get to the how's and the why's.


Firstly find out what people want, what they're really looking
for. If you can offer this service or product, people are more
than likely to buy it from you. Remember they're looking for
it because they want it and if you provide it, chances are
they'll buy it from you.

To find out what people are looking for go to a site like If you think you know what the most popular
search word at the moment is, you may be somewhat surprised
when I tell you its MP3. That's the word now, but things
change so fast in this technical age, you need to keep a close
eye on this.


There are two major reasons for doing this. Firstly, if people
want it and are looking for it and you consistently fill this
need, you will soon establish a reputation for always being
"hot". Make the most of the current trends why they're
happening. I am not talking about words that have always been
searched for or products and/or services you would not want to associate your site with, but new and different trends. If you discipline yourself to check these trends on a regular basis,
you can offer the desired services long before the word is out
and everybody else is doing the same thing. This is a major key
to how successful you will be - act fast and stay ahead!.

In order to have your own site ranked well with the search
engines, you need to have relevant keywords in your metatag
area. What could be better than having the most popular search
words in your own metatags? Of course you would have to have
that content on your own site. If people are searching for
Holly Janion, and you have Holly Janion in your metatags, be
sure to contain information on Holly Janion somewhere within
the content of your site. How many times have you looked for
something via the search engines and visited the sites to find
they have nothing to do with the subject in hand. This is a
dirty trick and won't do the webmaster any favors in the long
run. Be professional, make sure your metatags correctly reflect
the content on your site.

Key Benefits

1. By changing your content regularly, your visitors will
come back often because you offer the services they want.
Your site is interesting and doesn't have the same old stuff
on month in and month out. By keeping your site content
current, you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

2. You'll be seen as a site that is current, knows what is going
on, a true professional. This will increase your visitor
returns. If someone has purchased from you once, they will
be more likely to purchase from you again. Look after your
current visitors, don't lose them to other sites that keep

3. If your main theme is kitchens but everyone is looking for
MP3, add it to your site. It doesn't have to be a huge section
that detracts from your theme at all, something small will be enough. Remember just because I'm on your site looking at
kitchens, doesn't mean I don't have any other interests!

4. Don't depend totally on people using kitchens as a keyword.
You know they they're using MP3, so use it too - get them to
your site!

5. You'll still get the visitors you would have had anyway as
kitchens is still your main metatag word and what your site
is about. This method only increases your site visitors.
You're getting visitors that weren't looking to buy a kitchen
at the moment but may soon be, or know people who are, and now
they know you provide a great kitchen service.

Wade's World is an internet business solutions company offering
various free marketing resources, but we've added a whole page
on MP3 to our web site and people are using it! For how long
I don't know, but I'm keeping a watch and when the trend changes,
so will our site!
About the Author
Holly Janion is webmaster for Wade's World Ltd, a UK Internet
solutions company. To contact Holly, send an e-mail to or visit the Wade's World site at


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