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Coming Soon to a Website near You...

By Jane Mark - Phil Basten
Posted Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A paradigm shift is taking place...

It's coming...

Are you ready?

Will your website be in the spotlight or will it stay lost in the maze of failing online businesses?

All over the net a paradigm shift is taking place as online businesses get ready to reap a new harvest of sales and signups.

What is this unique new way of doing business?

How will it help small business owners transform their ailing business in to superior profit machines?

Let Your Website do the TALKING...

Video, the new wave in technology, has exploded on the scene ,in recent months, and top business people and ezine owners all over the net are working at a frenzied pace in order to position their businesses to take advantage of this powerful new medium.

Why is Video so Important?

Let's look at an example with an online newsletter.

Why is the Webpro Times, an online newsletter with 72,000 subcribers, on a mission to get the word on out on this remarkable technology?

Go to ( and enter the word "newsletters" and you'll get over 23,000,000 entries!

Of these, virtually all have a huge problem that The WebPro Times no longer has: They cannot TALK to their subscribers.

All they can do is email them. If you're familiar with newsletter formats, they almost all look alike. Net result: Lower readership and abysmal response rates.

But not for WebPro Times! Now thanks to 2 of Worldprofit's new high impact video and webcast products, The WebPro Times is one of the few publications on earth effectively combating these problems.

At The WebPro Times, we think of ourselves as pacesetters, and thanks to Worldprofit's Instant Video Recording Studio we can talk to our subscribers and customers, face-to-face, any time we want.

This amazing tool is unique to Worldprofit and enables you to record up to 10 HOURS of video each month, 120 hours a year!

Recording these videos is a snap, literally as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Sit down in front of your webcam and hit the record key. Say what you have to say. (While you can record videos of any length, an optimum length is about 15 minutes per video.)

2) Click the stop key when you're finished. Then replay to see what you've recorded. If you don't like it, re-record; if you do, hit save.

3) Click a button to create a link to your video. This link can be used in:

* your newsletter
* individual ezines
* signature file
* on any page of your website
* in advertisements, etc.

Set up on your Instant Video Recording Studio is automatic. In Ten MINUTES you can have your first video online or in your newsletter and email!

Video + Websites = Sales

Since we added video to a number of our sites our sales have gone up 20 to 30%. Visitors like knowing who they are dealing with. They are tired of website owners hiding behind their sites.

Now you can give your websites a way to talk and that will have a direct impact on the number of larger sales you make.

Now you can talk directly to your clients, describe the product or service you offer, give a tour of your website,follow up with training and run a business in a way that will keep your customers coming back to you.

Make Video WORK for You.

You have a choice. Put your website in the spotlight or risk having the lights go out permanently.

To find out more about this profit-generating technology... (

Phil Basten and Jane Mark run a well known online ad agency ( - They have been helping people succeed on the net for more than 8 years.

For further information: and put Instant Video Recording Studio in subject, along with your name, business, address, phone... or: Subscribe to the WebPro Times: ( Where Professional marketers meet weekly.

About The Author
Phil Basten is President of JPE Advertising. This well known Online Ad Agency has been operating online since 1997.

Mr Basten has 37 years of advertising experience working for some of the world's most prestigious ad agencies, Ogilvy and Mather, Fortune Advertising and Leo Burnett.

He is known as the AD Man called on frequently to write persuasive, direct response, ad copy for literally thousands of clients off line and online.

Jane Mark is the CEO of JPE ADvertising and has 35 years of business experience under her belt.


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