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Ebook Reviews: "ALL ABOUT HITS"

By Doug Jerving
Posted Thursday, November 25, 2004

Paul Prissick's All About Hits is a fast paced introduction to building web traffic on your site. Learn what no longer works and what you should do right now. Permission is granted to reprint the following article as long as no changes are made and the byline, copyright information, and the resource box is included.

Ebook Reviews: "ALL ABOUT HITS" Review by Doug Jerving,

"All About Hits" by Paul Prissick.

When You think about the title to this ebook what's the first thing that comes into your head? Search engines, right?

I'm sure search engine success is the thing almost every budding entrepreneur thinks of first when you bring up the subject of hits. You're really not that far off track either, but if that is all you concentrate on you will never experience the full power of internet marketing as it ought to be.

Paul Prissicks's goal in writing 'All About Hits' is to take you beyond the very important but limited worldview of search engine hit pursuit. You are about to be launched upon the discovery of a new internet paradigm as Mr. Prissick shows you what the gurus know and the rest of us ought to find out.

What is the first thing you learn? How about things that used to work in the innocent beginnings of online marketing? Things you may not yet realize are about as effective as a fish swimming through molasses (alright, corn syrup). To name a few:

Submission services, doorway pages, link farms, cloaking, and, (you kids put your fingers in your ears), almost ALL those META- thing-a-ma-gigs.

Concentrate on developing your presence on the various search engines by using simple, well designed pages that have useful content. Skip the frames and the flash if at all possible. Paul shows you how to properly optimize your site so that it is content heavy. That way human searchers as well as the search engines see logical coherence.

So how many hit gathering techniques are available to the serious web marketers among us? Paul shows us eight powerful tools that, when used together, can drive a continuously growing stream of motivated prospects to your site. They are:

1) Search Engines and Directories. I never really was clear what the difference between these two was until Mr. P defined them. Since so many others have covered this ground, I won't waste your time. Read the ebook.

2) Reciprocal Links. Does that mean link farming using robotic search programs? Not at all. Paul shows you how to find highly targeted sites directly related to your's without directly competing with it. He also gives you the highly effective letter he sends to site owners he wants to link with.

3) Pay-Per-Clicks. Yeah you're right, pay-per-clicks are pretty much a specialized type of search engine, but they are not to be ignored. Done right, this most valuable form of hit production can make you money first time out the gate, and double your income every time you use them. Read the book to learn the specifics.

4) Autoresponders and other list builders. Good information you have probably heard before. Now it's time to put it into action.

5) Ezines - Your Gold Source. Like the pay-per-click search engines, if you do this right you can double your income every time you publish. Then you reinvest and double again. It takes a bit more work to get this off the ground initially. But once you find a working combination, ezines will explode your income.

6) Ebooks: Paid and Free. Make money selling them, then make more money when people try the products you recommend in them! By the way, that's why you need at least one free ebook to give away on your site.

Remember these two things about ebooks: First, everyone has one in them. Even you. Second, just writing it makes you an expert in most people's eyes. Just make sure you give folks plenty of quality information and you will never endanger your reputation.

7) Press Releases. Alright, as far as I'm concerned, this is just shameless promotion on Paul Prissick's part. But that's okay; there are things we can learn from this lesser science that so many others swear by.

8) Offline Promotions. This is by far the most neglected avenue of driving web traffic of all. Paul shows you how to do it right so that you're not wasting another nickle.

Paul's last chapters consist of: a virtual checklist (your "To-Do" list); how to make extra money from your site; a valuable list of resources; a section on effective safelist marketing; and Paul Prissick's business pitch.

All in all, this is one of the most valuable books I have read to date on the subject of website traffic. It's fast paced, packed with up to date information, and written by no armchair advice giver but a trench-warrior. Mr. Prissick is a teacher of online marketing worthy of hearing out. He is finally gaining the recognition he deserves.

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