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How To Drive More Hits To Your Website And Increase Subscription

By Dave Tan
Posted Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What is SPAM? Why so many people hate it and yet so many people do it? SPAM is actually known as Unsolicited Commercial Email, it's just like the junk postal mails you receive everyday in your mailbox. The only difference is that sending junk mails online costs almost nothing and it can reach the recipients within minutes just by clicking a button.

Sending email to the wrong people who did not request information from you is only a waste of time and asking for trouble. You can be sure that they are definitely not interested in what you have to offer, some will even get down-right offensive and retaliate you with flame emails (with lots of swearing and cursing!) or worse still complain to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Do you ever buy a product from an annoying SPAM that kept popping up in your inbox promoting stuff that you don't care about? Do you even bother to open and read an email that you didn't request?

There's a lot of 1 million emails floating around the net and you might be thinking perhaps you can find make a quick buck or two or gain maybe 500,000 subscribers there by sending your email to them?

Don't do it! These email addresses are actually harvested through some email harvester software (Not targeted) and thus you do not really have any permission to send them any information - some of the email addresses are actually SPAM trap!

So does that mean if you send commercial email, you're automatically a SPAMMER too?

Yes and no. Yes, if you just send to any email addresses you can find under the net without having their permission to do so. No, if your manage your own subscriber list and responsibly send them information that they have requested and are interested in.

To maintain your own subscriber list, you must make sure that it's a double opt-in process:

* First, they must input their email address from your website or send an email for such purpose.

* You will then send them a one-time email (manually or automatically) to confirm that it is indeed he / she that input the email address above (and not someone who has nothing to do but to provide false email address).

* That person will have to confirm his / her subscription by clicking on the confirm link in your confirmation email or reply it with subscribe or something like that.

* Finally, that person is in your double opt-in subscriber list.

It's perfectly ethical to send email messages to your own list but don't over do it too. If you send them an email everyday they will get pissed off and leave your list. Try to be reasonable, email them twice a week is okay but be sure to email them with useful information.

Make sure you include an easy way for them to unsubscribe too. Just place an unsubscribe script link or just show them how to unsubscribe at the bottom of your email messages.

By the way, do not send any attachment files in your email, it's very suspicious as most attachment files are usually trojan virus and you might flood the recipient's mail box to its capacity. Get their permission first if you want to send them any attachments. So how do you drive more traffic to your website and increase your subscription rate? Just build your website and wait for them to come? Hah, if it was that easy!

Seriously...First include a nice, unique free gift not preferably not available elsewhere and say "it's yours for FREE if you subscribe now!" or something like that or a trial version of your digital product if they subscribe now. Then join the following Auto-Surf-For-Hits program to get FREE hits to your website:

Auto Hit Exchange (

No More Clicking (

The hits from these programs are actually random but if you offer a good free gift for subscribing, you can get quite a lot of subscribers. Note: You won't actually sell anything from getting hits this way and even if you did, you're either lucky, famous or have a super fantastic product. :-)

But by capturing the visitors email address, you can have their attention longer where you can actually follow up on them and educate them about your product and so on. This is why everyone is crazy about building their own list, their own targeted market - a potential goldmine.

That's all for this article, good luck at getting more subscribers!

Best Regards,

Dave Tan

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