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How to Get Your Web Site Ranked High in Search Engines with Free Link Exchanges

By Barry Stein
Posted Sunday, September 19, 2004

Free link exchanges got my web site to the first page of Google and free link exchanges can do the same for your web site.

A couple of weeks ago one of my web sites, (http://www.barrysbeanies/), was ranked number 33 on Google for one of my most important keyword phrases "Beanie Babies."

I was determined to get my web site on the first page on Google searches for the keyword phrase "Beanie Babies."

There are basically two options to get a high rank on Google for your web site keyword phrases.

Option #1

Do free link exchanges with other web sites that have the same theme as your web site. You can target any keyword phrase you want to improve your rank with. It is very important that you make the title text link you exchange with other web sites the exact keyword phrase you want to target.

What I also like about the free link exchanges is that you can target one web page for many different keyword phrases. So once you get the rank you want for one keyword phrase then you choose another keyword phrase to target and use this new keyword phrase in the title text link that you now exchange with other web sites.

It is also important to try and do all your free link exchanges with web sites that have a high Google Page Rank (PR). Go for link exchanges with sites with a PR3 or higher. Web sites with a higher Page Rank are viewed by Google as being more important and links to your web site from these high PR sites will help you more than doing link exchanges with a site with a PR1 or PR2.

You can download the free Google Toolbar at (, which will display all the Page Ranks of the web pages you visit.

Also, if you go into the Google directory, (, and locate the category of the sites you want to do your free link exchanges with, the web sites will be listed with the highest Page Ranks at the top. Most of the sites near the top of the list will be PR5 or PR6. These are the web sites that you will want to start doing your free link exchanges with.

Here is a copy of the e-mail I send to other web site owners to request free link exchanges with.


I wanted to see if you'd do a free link exchange with me.

Many of the top search engines use reciprocal linking to rank your web pages. In order to have high ranking web pages you need links back to your web site.

Here is my information:

Title: Beanie Babies
Description: You'll find over 500 different styles of Beanie Babies at Many at up to 59% off retail. We also wholesale Ty
Beanie Babies.
URL: (

Please send e-mail to after you place my link on your web site with the URL address of where it is located along with the information for your listing on my web site.

Your information:

Once I receive your information I will place it on my Links Page and I'll e-mail the URL address where you'll be able to view your link.

Thank you,

Barry Stein

Option #2

Optimize your web pages for keyword phrases. You'll want to target one keyword phrase per web page. If you have great content and have targeted a keyword phrase then eventually Google will index your web page and rank it higher.

You should really use both these options, but of the two I like the free link exchanges best because I can quickly see the progress I'm making.

Do free link exchanges work?

Well, as I stated above, my web site ( was ranked number 33 for my most important keyword phrase, "Beanie Babies."

I then started doing free link exchanges. Prior to that time I only had about 10 link exchanges on my web site with other web sites. Now I have about 100 links and my rank on Google for "Beanie Babies" is number 5.

So free link exchanges do work!

Search engine ranking is one of the most important parts to your overall Internet success if you have a web site. In fact, it may be the most important thing you can learn how to do in order to have a successful Internet business.

About The Author
Barry Stein is the owner of ( where he offers cutting-edge tips on all aspects of Internet business. To find more advice, tools and resources to help you succeed in online business, visit: (

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