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Keyword killer Tips

By Shahnaz Rauf
Posted Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Though there may be more than a thousand ways to generate traffic to your website, keywords are extremely critical to blasting your website into the limelight. Stats prove that almost 90% of targeted ready to buy traffic comes through search engines. So here are a few more killer tips that will have a dramatic impact on your e-business:

1. Optimize each of your pages for a different keyword.

2. Prepare your page for submission to the popular search engines such as Alta Vista, InfoSeek, excite etc. as follows:

Go to the respective search engine and make a search for your targeted keyword selected through the procedure described in section `About Keywords..` (

For each of the top ten sites that come up do the following:

-Click `View` on your browser.

-Select `Source`.

-Save in Word Pad or your word processor.

-Check the keywords in the `Meta Tags` at the page top.

-Use the `Ctrl plus F` function of your keyboard / browser and do a find for the keyword. In fact it will help if you can print out the source document saved in your word processor. Then highlight on your print out with a red pen each time a keyword or a variation / mis-spelling of it appears.

-Note the keyword density ( how many times each of the keywords is repeated).

-Note the approximate location of the keywords on the page.

-Repeat the above for the top ten sites, compare and zero out on the common factors.

-Replicate the density, locations and variations on your page.

3.A word of Caution - Double check that your keyword is relevant to your content. Also make your site content rich.

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