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Relatively Speaking

By Dan Reinhold
Posted Monday, October 18, 2004

It's so true.

That old saying about friends and relatives?

And when you work at home??? Hooooboy...

That's when Aunt Mary talks to your mother about someone she saw on Oprah "just like" you who ended up penniless, deranged and living on the street.

So what that you've received three new contracts and are not accepting more projects until 2015?

And Cousin Susie who's bragging to everyone (especially in hearing range of you) about her wonderful 6% raise after two years with her employer...

...not mentioning, for some reason, that her childcare costs have risen so much she needed 10% more at least...

While you smile with the knowledge that your business revenues have increased 15% in the last quarter.

Then there's your brother, who states in no uncertain terms that all this work at home nonsense is just scams and ripoffs and a bunch of fly-by-nights and you're crazy to do it.

As you hold the opened envelope from today's mail containing the letter announcing that the 18 year old, Dow Jones listed company you represent is rewarding your efforts with a three-day all expense paid cruise to the Bahamas.

And Uncle Henry, AGHAST that you did not send your kids to preschool - "They'll be way behind the other kids!!"

But somehow, your little first grader is reading at a third grade level. And there's never been any vague messages about your kid getting hurt, but the doctor said...

They tell you it's not real work, just a hobby.

Ahh's all in the family.

About the Author
With two boys, a dog, a cat, a wife and a household to keep together to boot, Dan Reinhold is the editor of WAHumor to hang on to his sanity by showing how insane the work-at-home community can be. Work at home? You deserve a laugh!

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