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By Stan Narusiewicz
Posted Wednesday, October 20, 2004

How to get Real Prospects Directly From Search Engines And How to Find What You Want With 100% Relevancy


The new Pay-Per-Click Search Engines provide two breakthrough benefits for both Home Internet Businesses and Customers.

Customers can search and find what they are looking for with no clutter because only up-to-date 100% relevant search results are listed. By contrast, the traditional Search Engines are never up-to-date and have been tricked to produce numerous non-relevant listings.

Home Internet Businesses benefit because when a customer searches and finds a business listing and self directs to that business listing, that customer becomes the best prospect that any Home Business could find on the Internet.

Home Internet Businesses also benefit in a second way because when a customer searches and finds a business listing and self directs to that business listing that creates the highest Advertising ROI that any business could achieve on the Internet.

Because of these benefits, it is reasonable to believe that this new Pay-Per-Click Search Technology will cause a dramatic evolutionary change in the way customers surf the Internet and the way that businesses will deploy Marketing Strategies in the future. This new search technology has successfully completed its incubation period and is off to a big start with over 50 PPC Search Engines in operation.

The purpose of this article is to inform readers both customers and Home Business Owners how to participate and take advantage of the benefits of this new technology.

How It Works

The Customer Perspective

For customers the procedure is identical to the way one searches today with the traditional Search Engines. One merely types a search term or search phrase into a search box and waits briefly for business listings to appear. The customer can choose any one or none of the listings or re-type a different search term or search phrase and review the combinations of listings that appear.

When a customer chooses any listing by clicking on that listing, a page representing that particular business opens and allows the customer to review that particular business’s product offerings.

Basically, from a customer’s perspective, there is little change to the procedure. The customer will, however, achieve a very real benefit because the listings will be 100% relevant to the different search terms or search phrases. The customer will experience a very rewarding, up-to-date and highly productive searching process.

How It Works

The Home Business Perspective

For Home Internet Businesses, the procedure is significantly different. First of all, the business must develop a list of search terms and phrases that relate to or describe their Businesses. This list will become far more extensive than what is common with submission to traditional Search Engines. This does not make the process more difficult. This is the step that makes 100% search relevancy possible.

Businesses are allowed to submit hundreds of all possible search terms and phrases for free at any PPC Search Engine. This allows your Business to be found by billions of potential customers. Along with the submission of all-possible search terms and phrases are a specific pay-per-click bid price, a specific URL and a specific Description.

This permits the PPC Search Engine to create an optimum listing for any customer search process. One reason is the information in the listing is controlled by the Home Internet Business and not by the Search Engine. Another reason is the bid price is the single determinate for ranking the listings.

If the Home Internet Business wants first place search ranking, it bids the top pay-per-click bid price. The Business can bid less and get 2nd place or 3rd place listings; it is all under the control of the Home Internet Business. No more of the mystical ranking processes currently in use by traditional Search Engines.

The Home Internet Business is in complete control of the pay-per-click bid price for each and every different search term and phrase. The PPC Search Engine Webmasters review each search term and phrase for relevancy to insure customer satisfaction.

In summary, when a customer self directs to a particular listing having made a search on any search term or phrase at any PPC Search Engine, the Business listings will appear in the order of bid price. The Internet Businesses pay, when and only when, the customer clicks on a particular listing and enters a particular Business site!

Where Can You Get Help To Get Started

There is an excellent source of help for everyone who uses Search Engines.

Since there are a large number of PPC Search Engines and since it would be difficult to find all of them on the Internet, Merstan Sales at ( has placed the search boxes for 15 different PPC Search Engines all on one page. This gives everyone the convenient and unlimited free opportunity to search at any or all PPC Search Engines at any time from now on.

The best thing to do is bookmark this site so you can return at any time in the future. Go ahead and test them now. As a suggestion, type the word "free" into any or all search boxes and see what you can get for free from the Internet today.

Where Can You Get Help To Get Started

There are two additional sources of help for Home Internet Businesses.

First is "Mastering the PPC’s", a handbook and guide for Webmasters and Marketing personal. The Index includes: What are PPC’s?, Bidding Strategies, Your Listing in PPC’s, Calculating an ROI and much more. It is available for $20 at (

The second is the Keyword Gold Card. Keyword is just another way of saying search term or phrase. The Keyword Gold Card is a subscription service that every Home Internet Business needs to obtain the benefits of the PPC Search Technology. For $11.66 per month, The subscription includes automatic account set up at 50 PPC Search Engines, $1,250 of free pay-per-click bid credit to get you started, and a convenient management page to allow access to all 50 PPC Search Engines for search term and bid price maintenance.

The $1,250 of free bid credit can buy you up to 125.000 prospects directly from the Search Engines. Remember, when a customer self directs to a particular listing having made a search on any search term or phrase at any PPC Search Engine, that customer prospect is the best that can be found on the Internet. As a listed Business, you pay, when and only when, the customer clicks on your particular listing and enters your particular Business site. Access to the Keyword Gold card is available at (

We struggled so hard to build the site, we chose to simplify the process for all who aspire to do the same. Have a look at ( take advantage of some of the best Ecommerce tools available.

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