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The New Edition of WebPosition Gold 2 is Finally Here!

By Robin Nobles
Posted Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The NEW Edition of WebPosition Gold is Finally Here
. . . And its new features make it better than ever!

Typical of the professionalism of FirstPlace Software, they've
waited to release WebPosition Gold 2 (
until all possible bugs could be found and corrected, so it seems
like forever that we've been waiting for this release. However,
for those of us "die hard" Gold fans, the wait has been well
worth it.

Let's take a quick walk through of the program and discuss my
favorite features as well as changes made in each area.


By far my favorite feature of Gold, Reporter will now report your
rankings across an impressive 85 world-wide search engines and

Some other new and exciting features include:

* You can now easily mail copies of the report to your clients,
even going so far as to ZIP the file.

* You can automatically upload reports to your Web site.

* You can conserve disk space by checking an option to delete the
actual downloaded page after the reports are generated.

* You can even filter out non-ranking keywords from the report,
so that the report you send to your clients will be even more

* "Visibility Statistics" are now included at the top of the
Concise Summary Report that will let you know how many top
ranking pages you have as well as other valuable statistics. ?
Under Options, you're given the choice of being courteous to each
engine by waiting a certain period of time between searches.

Page Generator

While reviewing this program, I created a few pages using Page
Generator, which is a feature of Gold 2 that helps you build

This portion of Gold has gotten criticism in the past because the
engines don't want to see "machine-generated" pages. However,
Gold 2's Page Generator doesn't produce anything remotely
"machine generated." You have to create the content, design the
page, and choose the keywords. You simply create the page from
within a form, rather than on a blank HTML page.

After creating one of the pages, I ran it through Page Critic,
then submitted it through Inktomi's pay inclusion program. Within
a couple of days, I was already seeing top 10 results across many
of the engines.

Is the page a "doorway page"? Any page on your entire site is
virtually a doorway into your site. Does the page provide value
to the Internet, and would it be interesting and valuable to Net
users? Yes. Page Generator just made it easier for me to create
the page.

Page Critic

Page Critic is designed to look at your pages and offer
suggestions in a variety of areas, such as word count, keyword
prominence, keyword frequency, and keyword weight. Critic then
offers specific suggestions that will help you create a page that
is close to the statistical averages of other top ranking pages
for that particular search engine. Under General Suggestions,
you'll find a running list of news, tips, and suggestions related
to the engine.

Here's a neat new feature: Page Critic will now check your link
popularity for whichever engine you're working with. Under
Settings, check the box that says "Check Link Popularity." You'll
then see a section above the General Suggestions that gives your
link popularity for your site, and where you can also check the
link popularity on competing sites, all from within the program.

Upload Manager

Upload Manager tracks any pages generated by Gold and uploads
them, or other pages that may have changed since your last
upload. Upload Manager will upload the pages for you, or you can
use your own FTP program.


To me, Submitter is a great program to use for the international
engines or lesser important engines that don't have pay inclusion
programs. You can pick and choose which engines to submit to, and
if you try to submit too many pages on any one day, the program
will quickly remind you to keep you out of trouble.

A neat new feature of this program is its built-in spider for
quickly gathering URLs. The new Import option will spider a Web
site and create a list of all the URLs, even if the files do not
exist on your hard drive. This feature certainly makes submitting
an entire Web site quite easy.

Submitter also allows you to add custom engines that aren't
included in Gold 2, so you can keep track of your submissions all
in one location.

Traffic Analyzer

HitsLink powers Gold 2's Traffic Analyzer, and it will track
statistics such as visitors, search engines, and the keywords
being used to find your site. The feature is easy to use - you
simply register, and HitsLink generates the code for you to put
on any page that you want to track. Stats are provided instantly
and in real time.


Program Scheduler to run your reports or submit pages at a time
that's convenient for you, like at night during non-working

Did you know there's a brand new book out on how to use
WebPosition Gold 2?

Search Engine Optimization with WebPosition Gold 2, written by
Brad Konia, is an excellent step-by-step guide in how to use
WebPosition Gold 2. The book is now available through Amazon and
Barnes & Noble. I had the opportunity to review the book and
found it to provide superb information on how to the use the
program as well as SEO strategies in general.

Brad has also developed a new video tutorial for using Gold 2,
which is available as both a download or on CD-ROM. The video is
available on Brad's Web site: (

In Conclusion

I really like what FirstPlace has done with this new version of
Gold ( As in the past, WebPosition
Gold will remain one of my favorite and most used programs in my
arsenal of search engine marketing software.

For a listing of the new features of WebPosition Gold 2, visit:

Copyright 2002 Robin Nobles. All rights reserved.
About the Author
Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists,
has trained several thousand people in her online search engine
marketing ( training
programs. She also teaches 3-day hands-on search engine marketing
workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine
Workshops (


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